How to Succeed as a Creative Writer

Have you ever wanted to write fiction stories or novels but didn't know where to start? There really is a secret formula for success as a creative writer. Are you ready for it?

Here's the formula for you right now

1) Write Because You Love It

When you write your story, write for the joy of writing. Ignore that pesky inner critic telling you to change this word or edit that sentence. Just get the story out on paper and enjoy the process. The story will be smoother for it and you'll get more done without interupting the creative flow with editing mode.

2) Put It To Bed

When you've finished your tale, put it aside and ignore it for a day or two. There is a reason for doing this! The distance of a couple of days gives you a new perspective on what you wrote. When you re-read it in a couple of days, you will pick up mistakes or issues that will need fixing or perhaps a stronger idea will come to you for a new twist ending. Perspective is like reading your work with a fresh set of eyes!

3) Editing!

Be harsh with your editing. Cut out any dangling modifiers. Delete any obscure words and tighten up the dialogue. Remove any passive voice and replace it with stronger active voice. Cut out any repetition. Be sure your narrative is showing your reader what's happening - and not telling! Your story will be stronger for it.

4) Market Research

The creative writing market is bigger than most people think. Jump online and find a paying market that will suit your style or genre of writing. Most publications have online guidelines these days. Read them carefully and see how they like writers to submit stories. Learn what the editors like and dislike.

If a market doesn't seem right for your story, move on to the next one and keep going until you find one that suits.

5) Preparation

Prepare your story manuscript exactly how the editor has requested in the publication's guidelines. Many editors are picky about submissions, so be sure you look professional by getting yours right first time!

6) Submit!

It's not scary. You're sending out a product to a customer. Your product is your story. The paying customer is the editor. If they say no, it's NEVER personal. It's a business decision. Simply go back to step number 4 and begin again until you find a customer willing to pay for your product.

Remember that publishing is a business like any other. If you don't succeed with the first customer, go and find more potential customers. The more you submit, the higher your chances of getting a check.

7) Persist

Never stop trying. Richard Bach is quoted as saying "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't give up."

All professional writers receive rejections. Read that last sentence again until you've got it. Never give up.

There you have it - the formula for creative writing success. The more you write, the more confidence you will gain. And the more you submit, the greater your chances of publication.

What are you waiting for? Get writing!

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