Content Gather - Alternative to Constant Content?

If you're searching for somewhere to sell your articles as an alternative to Constant Content, perhaps Content Gather could be a good solution for your needs?

Content Gather is a relatively new marketplace that allows writers to list their articles for sale in the hopes that buyers will come along and purchase them.

Content Gather

How Content Gather Works

There is no approval process to go through, but editors do take the time to approve each article submitted individually as it is uploaded by the writer. The editors assign a rating to each article submitted to the marketplace, between 1 and 10.

That rating, along with various other factors, such as the number of articles sold, ratio of approved-to-rejected articles, and the age of your account, will determine your overall account level.

The account levels available are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Your account level affects the number and quality of custom orders you can see on your account. The level also dictates the maximum price per word you're able to charge for any articles you submit to the marketplace. You can learn more about the writer rating system and how your rating is calculated here: https://contentgather.com/faq-writers

What Can You Write?

Content Gather is an article marketplace, so you can basically write any article you feel like writing on any topic that captures your interest and submit it for approval. There is no limit to how much you can write and submit to the marketplace.

The site does offer customer the option of ordering custom content, so there are opportunities for writers to receive orders to write custom content.


Content Gather takes a 20% cut of whatever you sell on their marketplace. That's pretty steep, but when you compare it to the whopping 35% cut taken by sites like Constant Content, it's suddenly not so bad.


Payment is made via Paypal as long as you have more than $5 in your account.

However, payments below $10 will attract a fee of $0.50. If you wait until your account reaches $10 or more, you won't pay a fee for the payment to be processed.

You can request a payment at any time throughout the month as long as your account balance is higher than the minimum amount required.

Advance Payment

The biggest factor that attracted my attention is that Content Gather offers writers a small advance payment on any articles approved for submission into the marketplace. Essentially, you get paid before it even sells!

If you're a Silver-level writer, you'll receive an advance of 5% of the cost of the article listed on the market place. The amount you can earn as an advance payment increases until you reach the 15% advance payment Diamond-level writers receive.

Writer LevelAdvance Payment (% of Article Price)Maximum Listings

Even if your articles don't sell right away, you're still earning at least some money for your efforts.

The 'Maximum Listings' column shows the number of articles a writer can have listed on the marketplace that will attract an advance payment. However, you are allowed to submit as many articles as you want over the maximum listings limit if you wish. You just won't receive an advance payment on additional articles you submit.

Keep in mind that you can delete your articles at any time and the rights revert back to you. However, you will need to pay back your advance payment if you do this.


Content Gather is still only a relatively new site, opened in late 2016. However, the company who owns it used to also run PostLoop, a company that used to pay writers to post on forums, so they have a history of being reliable with payments.

Referral Program

Content Gather does have a referral program. They pay 5% of any sales generated by writers you refer.

The links shown on this page to Content Gather are referral links, so if you decide to sign up with the site, I will receive 5% of any sales you make. Keep in mind that your own payment doesn't change. You still earn the same amount. The company still takes the same 20% of your sales. However, I get a little bonus for introducing you to the site.

Final Thoughts

Constant Content has dominated the article marketplace scene for so many years that it's nice for writers to finally have an alternative option.  The site is only new, which means it's competing with larger well-established sites for attention from buyers, so it remains to be seen whether sales pick up over time.

Let me know if you've dealt with Content Gather and what your experiences were like. It will be interesting to watch their progress as they grow.


Anonymous said...

I had a very bad experience with this site. I registered in this site recently and added a sample article to the marketplace. It was approved. So I tried to write an article in the Custom Job category. It was rejected. They said it had many grammatical errors. I checked my text with online grammar checking tools. It did not say any error. Then I submitted a similar article. It was also rejected and they suspended my account. I sent an email to the support team. I did not get any response till now.

Greg Jones said...

I tried joining this site by submitting one of my articles from Constant Content that hadn't sold. I deleted the file from CC and submitted it to Content Gather. It was rejected outright with a curt note that it contained too many grammatical errors to even bother rectifying. There's no way Constant Content would let an article onto their platform with grammatical errors given their undisputed reputation for accuracy. This actually happened twice. I don't trust them. I imagine there's some trigger happy English A Level student that knows considerably less than he thinks he does running the show at the moment. I'll stick with CC.

Katelyn Ashton said...
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Katelyn Ashton said...

I have to agree with Greg Jones. I've been a long time member of Constant Content and just recently signed up for Content Gather. While my articles were accepted, I can vouch that Constant Content goes over every article with a fine tooth comb. They are extremely fussy with their editing process, so for something that has made it past their editors to be rejected by Content Gather sounds a little odd. And then to receive a note saying "it contained too many grammatical errors to even bother rectifying." That sounds very unprofessional. It does come off like a bunch of college kids attempting to launch a startup. (no offense to you college kids. I was once one myself). I'd suggest putting Content Gather on the "wait and see list" to watch how they do as the site matures, should they be so fortunate as to get that far.

Bianca said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear so many of you have had difficulties with Content Gather. I'm a regular on Constant Content, but I wanted an alternative marketplace option to broaden my sales options. So far I haven't had any problems with the site, but I've received a few emails (and a few comments here) verifying that lots of others are finding the site difficult to work with.

jimkimmons said...

Have been writing for Constant Content for a while. Have within the past two months put up 16 articles on Content Gather. The pre-payment means nothing to me. I have not sold an article, while articles on the same topics have sold over the past two months at Constant Content. The 20% versus 35% cut drew me to Content Gather. However, I'm considering pulling down my articles and placing them on Constant Content where they're selling due I'm sure to much greater buyer traffic.

Parm said...

I joined Contentgather.com 2 days back and posted an article, after few ours I received a message :-

"Unfortunately, the grammar in this article falls far below our expectations at Contentgather. We do not feel that a few simple edits or the resubmission process would be enough to address this."

although this article was thoroughly checked by me and grammerly so it sounded foul play . Anyways, today I made another article with lot of effort and tried my best to be as perfect as possible and after few hours of submitting it, they suspended the account without giving any email or reason. I think they don't want competition for their few select writers on board and just want the tag of being open to all writers.

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