How I've Set Up My Writing Business

I've been making a good income by writing online for a few years now, so I thought I'd get this blog going so I could show others what I've been doing to pay the bills instead of going to work at a regular job.

Most of the things I do online are things most people do every day. I surf around on the net, I check my emails. I visit forums and I chat to friends. I write what I feel like writing - stories, articles, recipes, blogs, jokes - whatever I feel like and whenever I'm in the mood.

The difference is, I get paid to do these things. I sit at home every day and surf the net. If I can't sleep at night, I'll get out my laptop and write something. When I'm bored, I'll go to the beach or walk my dog or watch TV for a while. What a difficult day, huh?

Don't think I do nothing though! Far from it.

My little home-enterprise is actually my business and I treat it just like I would treat any other business. I'm good to my clients, I get my work done on time and I keep the books neat and balanced every month. I promote my services and I actively seek out new clients who will pay me to write more.

The main thing I learned about running a home-business over the years is that it's really important never to put all your eggs into one basket (this is called "broadening your debtor base"). In basic terms, it means trying to get as many streams of income into the business as possible so that if something goes wrong with one stream, you always have some cash coming into your little business from one of the other streams you've set up along the way.

I'll keep updating my blog with each of the things I'm doing to earn my income online and keep increasing it. I hope you can find some things that interest you too so that you can work on your writing career from home as well.

Remember - what suits one person won't always suit another, so keep in mind that these are just the things I've been doing. You might not like all the options I've chosen and that's fine. You're free to pick and choose what bits you like and what bits you don't.

What's most important to remember is that I don't go to WORK every day in an office for someone else! I'm enjoying being my own boss at home while I earn a comfortable living from my own sofa.

What are you doing? ;)

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Zainab Zayer said...

well ,,
such a livin style may suit many young ppl, specailly those who i may call that they're gifted ,,
they are able to trnasform any idea frm thier minds to the blog page ..
its a sharin of an idea ,,
its an sipiration stories for some ,,
its a solution for others ,,
while its an livin peace for the writer ,,

thats great ,, life been much easier than 50 year bk ,,
i wonder how could they live lolz,,

keep postin ,,