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Well I did it! I've gone and created a blog and now I have no idea what to say. I mean seriously - I'm a writer and it's my job to express feelings and thoughts into words, but I'm truly speechless right now.

What does one say to a blog with no visitors yet?

Anyway - I'm Raven. I'm a writer. I've been writing for a long time now and it's how I make my income. Of course, I'd love a pay-rise so I'm working hard on writing more and selling more of my words to various places.

I've put a few of my favorite writing links (in alphabetical order) in the links section on this page. Some writing sites are filled with so much great information - and others... well they're just crap. Either they're trying to sell me something or they're telling me nothing that isn't directly copied from the good sites.

I guess as I learn to increase my writing income and finally get my pay-rise, I'll keep you all updated. I'd love it if you came to visit me on my journey and offer me some encouragement!

Thanks for reading!

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Zainab Zayer said...

sounds that u know nothin about writing, while at the same time , u've been wrtin for all long ur life ,,
gd start ;) ,,

all the best dear ,,,