What's Your Freelance Brand About?

Have you ever Googled yourself? LOL. It sounds a little obscene if you don't think about it - but when was the last time you put your own name into a search engine to see what showed up?

I did this less than two minutes ago and was surprised that there are several other people in this world with the same unfortunate name combination as my own! Apparently there's a serial-unemployed person in the UK with the name Bianca Raven and there's a male in America with the same name wearing someone else's underpants (!). There's a pretty African-American version of Bianca Raven showing on a Facebook profile page.

And then there's me - the real Bianca Raven - out here in Australia.

My aim was to see how easily I could be found if someone was looking for me directly. After all, if clients can't find me how will I ever get more work? So my goal was to be the only 'Bianca Raven' on the front page of the search results so that's who potential clients will find if they're looking directly for me.

Unfortunately the serially unemployed UK-version of Bianca ranks more highly than I do. This can't be a good thing for my 'professional branding'. I guess it's time to get some serious SEO practices happening on this blog. I've added my actual Facebook profile link to my bio (in the right hand column) along with my Twitter profile link to help those links with my name on them to rank a little higher too.

For the sake of optimization I'm going to have to add my own name to this post at least one more time ;)

So with all good professional branding motives in my head while I write - this is Bianca Raven saying KEEP WRITING!

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Gayze said...

LOL, I just googled my own name. I filled the first eight pages and stopped counting. So why aren't I rich?

amoy_ube said...

lol.. was that because of a question at mylot? :-)
lucky for me I'm all alone in this world, but so far not much to show for it so I probably should start posting my name more instead of using an alias.. lol!!

Bianca Raven said...

No - nothing to do with mylot. I only visit there to try and get real writers to leave there.

I googled my own name because I had a client say it was difficult to find me and he'd lost my email address.

iakul said...

*Starts the Let's Help Bianca Raven Achieve Her Goal Of Being The Only Bianca Raven To Show Up On The Search Engines by Using Every Chance To Refer To Bianca Raven By Her Full Name When We Can Project*

Hmm, think the acronym will need some working on :P

amoy_ube said...


yeah!! let's all join in the quest of promoting bianca raven the aussie writer as opposed to other bianca ravens of different nationality, profession or non-profession and of different gender.

Bianca Raven said...

LOL! Iakul - I think that acronym might need a little work.

@ amoy_ube - I'm all for being promoted over and above all the other Bianca Ravens of different nationality, gender or profession.

After all - I'm the authentic Bianca of them all ;)

Jan. in US said...

I Google'd you here in the US and you have at least the first four spots and more if it's you in the Facebook listing. The unemployed Bianca Raven is towards the bottom of the page.


Bianca Raven said...

Ooooh! I didn't realize my plans of world domination would take effect so quickly! thanks Jan.

(and yes - that's me on Facebook. Long brown hair holding up a glass of champagne. Jump over and say hi if you're on Facebook too!)

Maffy said...

Hi! I like your blog so much. I have tried to make extra money writing but most are for US members and UK members only I have joined Helium lately but now they are not accepting international members.

amoy_ube said...

here in the Philippines the unemployed bianca raven is no 1 on the page but from no2 to the bottom of the page it's bianca raven the writer.. including the face book

iakul said...

I'm shortening the acronym to PWRLN to stand for Project With Ridiculously Long Name :P

@amoy_ube : I'm from Singapore and I suspect that any non-local searches will be similar for us. The Bianca Raven that appears in 1st spot appears to be an employed Bianca Raven working as a team adminstrator for a company called Equal Fields.

Bianca Raven the freelance writer's blog appears in 2nd place. And Bianca Raven the writer's profile appear for her Helium,Blogger, and EzineArticles for the 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6th place. Then there's other Bianca Ravens, including the Facebook ones, taking up the rest of the 1st page of search results

iakul said...

Btw, to show I'm putting my money where my mouth is, I have just publsihed a blog entry on my blog doing just that :P

Bianca Raven said...

@ iakul - thanks so much! I've added your blog to my friends list in the column

@ maffy - I'll make sure I find a new freelance markets that do accept non-US writers.


Whitney said...

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you sharing your writing information. As an up and coming freelance writer, I have found an abundance of information on your site...and I have faith that I will achieve my goal of being self-sufficient this year. :)

And I googled my name and the first page was all me. Yea! I AM a WRITER!!!

Thank you!