Finding Freelance Writing Work

I've been getting a lot more emails than usual about how to find freelance work. I'm assuming the people who've written these emails either haven't read through some of the older posts on my blog or they haven't taken some time to look around on the internet.

I'll make it easy for you and post all the links right here on one post so you have easy access to market listings, content mills, article submission sites and more.

The only choices you need to make are:

1. Does that market you're looking at accept applications for where you live?

2. How much does that market pay and is it worth my time and effort?

3. What rights are they buying from me?

What this means is that you need to READ the 'writer application' guidelines to check that you're able to apply for that market. You need to check that you'll be adequately compensated for your time and you need to know which rights you're selling.

So... without further ado, here are some links that will help you find plenty of freelance work today.

Beginner-Freelance Level

No experience necessary. Just sign up and post away. There's no worries about spelling or grammar. Most of these places don't care if you're an international writer. Just post and you'll get paid a little bit.




Intermediate-Freelance Level

If you're happy to write a few articles or blog posts then there are a few content mills around who would love to see your article submissions. Most of these don't care if you're only just starting out and some of them don't care if you're an international writer. They will expect your article to be grammatically correct and spelling-error free though.





Advanced-Freelance Level

There are quite a few posts on this blog for the more advanced writers. I've actively linked to some of the professional paying writing opportunities that are available. You can find these more advanced (and much higher paying) writing markets here:



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Stacy said...

Yowza! You have a wealth of information for writers here, and I'm finding all sorts of goodies. Thank you!

SmartEngineer said...
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