Freelance Markets to Avoid: Work-Online

If you're searching for a freelance writing market that accepts non-US writers or international writers, then Work Online might be a starting point for you. However, be aware that I've officially placed this listing into the 'markets to avoid' category as they've reduced their pay rate since the original posting.


Well, it's almost a paying market. The pay rate is terribly low, but it is in UK pounds. At least UK pounds give a semi-decent conversion rate as compared to the US lately.

The basis behind Work Online is that you write a quick 'story' about the keywords you're given. The article only needs to be a minimum of 400 words, but it must include the keywords chosen by the client at the density requested.

You're paid via PayPal if your account reaches a minimum of £10. The terms say 'within 14 days', although I've seen comments from writers saying they've received their payments in 3-5 days.

If you're in the UK and happy to receive UK pounds, then you'll receive the following:

- for the first 100 articles you write, you're paid 25p
- between 101-300 articles, you're paid 50p
- between 301-500 articles, you're paid 75p
- for every article after you hit the 501 mark, you're paid £1

The original post had a list of exchange rates showing how much this pathetically low amount converted to in Indian rupees, Philippines pesos and Hong Kong dollars. As the pay rate has been reduced even further since I wrote it, I've removed them.

The pay rate at Work Online is appalling. If you'd like to add a little bit of filler income to your freelance cash flow then feel free to join up and see how you go.

If I still haven't put you off, you can join up with Work Online here: http://work-online.org.uk/join-now
If you want, you can add my referral code when you join - it's WOR:0441

... but I'd suggest you can find far better options for your writing elsewhere.


Sukant said...

OH MY GOD! This site is so completely opposite of what you've been teaching in your blog till now. I'm from the US so 84 cents for 350 words - again oh my god . Associated Content would be recommended over this anyday. This would be really good for some other countries like India where 40 rupees is not bad at all.I'll be staying clear of this one though :)

Bianca Raven said...

Yes, it is the complete opposite of what I've been saying - so if you're in the UK, Canada, USA or Australia, there are plenty of better options out there.

However, I receive a lot of emails from readers in India, Hong Kong and the Philippines asking for work suitable for international writers, so I went and found something - thus the conversion rates.

I chose to add the conversion rates into the post to highlight that it's incredibly BAD pay for most countries, but may be acceptable in countries where the currency could potentially convert to something useful.

jfjones said...

The pay is low, but I'm sure that your international readers are very appreciative that you went out of your way to help them.

parsibagan said...

@Sukant: You're mistaken friend. I'm from India and the minimum I charge for a 400 words job (not a thoroughly researched one, mind you) is Rs.150 and even these rates are low. Rs.40 cannot fetch you a decent snack & coffee nowadays :)

Cossette said...

I joined yesterday but there is no available story to write about.