Writers Wanted...

I heard a rumor that a potential new writing opportunity might be available...

Today I had coffee with a good friend (okay, it was my mentor and friend, Lee) and she told me about a new project she's working on. Lee and another freelance writer she knows are cooking up a way to outsource some of their work load to other writers because they simply can't keep up with the orders they receive. They had a brainstorming session and learned that they could probably hire 10 or 12 writers comfortably and still have plenty of work for themselves as well.

When I heard this my eyes popped and I immediately ordered her another coffee and a slice of cake (bribery goes a long way, I hear...)

You see, both Lee and her writer friend have decided to try and hunt down writers who can work quickly and accurately in both US and UK English to help them meet the demands of their clients.

Some of the work will be quick, easy website content. Some will be SEO articles for article marketers and site owners and some of the work will be quick blog posts, product reviews and blurbs. Some will be press releases, chapters in e-books, sales page copywriting and whatever else they end up with.

Of course I volunteered to help them out.

Lee agreed to let me give you all a hint about this potential opportunity on my blog to see who's interested and who isn't. It's okay if you haven't had much experience. They're willing to work with writers from anywhere in the world with a PayPal account as long as the writing is of a good quality.

...but there's a catch...

If you're interested in registering yourself for their list of available writers, then you'll need to be able to follow instructions. Their clients expect their orders to be fulfilled according to their own specifications. They'll expect you to adhere to those specifications the same way they would. So here are the instructions for registering yourself at a potential candidate on their list.

Leave a comment on this post and include a link behind your name pointing to somewhere we can view your work. This could be your blog, website, content site, article directory - whatever. We'll be able to find you and contact you this way. Give us an idea of what your preferred writing topics are, your areas of expertise and where in the world you live. Don't forget to add a little about what type of writing you prefer to do. (e.g. If you only want articles and SEO content, then say so.) Specify whether you write in US or UK English so they know who to consider for different client's needs.

Pay rates haven't been worked out yet and the work also won't be allocated for a little while yet as they're working hard on finding a system that works for them as well as for the clients. However, they also wanted to be sure they would have a good selection of writers when things started moving along.

Let's hope Lee and her friend get moving quickly on this one :)


Bianca Raven said...

There were 33 comments here at one point. For your privacy, I chose to remove all those who had left email addresses inside their responses as we had an unscrupulous marketer contacting these writers with offers not related to this thread.

Thanks to all who responded.

AngieLittle said...

I only just found your site and, even though this is probably a little late, I thought I would still give it a whirl.
I can write both US and UK English and can work on a variety of topics.
Unfortunately, all the work I have done is for others so I cannot provide a link but if you would send me an e-mail at annemorgan86 at yahoo.com I would gladly send you some articles I have written.

Besides articles, I can also help in writing things like business plans (including the financials - all I need are the numbers and I can put together P&L's, cash flows, projections etc.).

I'm sure you have had a lot of writer submissions to your request but maybe you can have a look at some of my work and keep me in mind for the future, when you may need more writers.
Thank you kindly.
Best regards,
Anne Morgan

Pat said...

Hi i am a UK writer that is interested in SEO and article marketing. I am habitually a "soccer" writer (http://justarsenal.com) but have recently begun a website for article marketing (http://justwebsitereviews.com). I am keen to make a living out of article writing either on my website or for other people. In fact i want to do all three!
So yes i am interested in any article writing offers from anywhere
Pat (jwsr@hotmail.co.uk)

Rmagin said...

I arrived at your site only recently and am registering as a candidate writer. Samples of my work are available at Pinoy Barking Hall where I write about global warming, politics, sports, and other article writings that pop on my head. I prefer article writing in US English. I am from San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines and can be contacted through my blog by simply leaving a desirable comment thereat.

Dante Fadrilan

Anonymous said...

Please contact me at the below mentioned email address so that I can supply you with the required details.


Shilpa said...

Hi Bianca,
I found your website really interesting and thought-provoking for a freelance writer like me. Shame that I found your website only now. But better late than never!
I would also be interested to be a part of Lee's team if there is still any vacancy left. I have been writing since last four years and enjoy writing articles and blogs. You can find more information and samples on my website www.writingboard.net
There is a link to my blog and other articles on web as well. So, hoping that you and your friend would enjoy reading it!
Thanks! and keep up the good work!

Bianca Raven said...

Thank you everyone for your interest in this offer. The positions are filled for now, but Lee will be looking for more writers to add to her team in the new year.

policemom said...


I have just stumbled in your site and I could not help reading everything you have written here. I have been a freelance writer for about two months now and luckily, I am able to get the jobs that pays ok for beginners like me. But I would like to take my writing to the next level and I know I can do this by actually working with the pros.

I can write US English pretty well. I have been working with UAW and CCA Articles, a US baseed writing company. I have also been an article writer/submitter for Ezine. I am trained and can write about different niches. I am the best in following client instructions and specifications too.

I am actually writing part time and hopefully make it into a full time gig. Anyways, I have sold out the rights of my articles to my customers.

Since I cannot provide a link for my articles, I can send for some copies instead. My email add is mailayham@gmail.com

Eric said...

I just saw this post now, sounds like the original round was closed and was wondering if you had any upcoming assignments available. Linked my blog and if you are interested in speaking further and leave a comment on my blog, I can send you my contact information.

Naomi said...

I'm really glad I found your website. I enjoy reading helpful tips on freelancing writing which you do very well. I like writing on health, home improvements, relationships, parenting and lots of other topics. I write both in US and UK English. Here are links to some of my published works:
http://mirealtripod.blogspot.com, http://steadyreal.blogspot.com

I am a Nigerian.

Naomi said...

I'm really glad I found your website. I enjoy reading helpful tips on freelancing writing which you do very well. I like writing on health, home improvements, relationships, parenting and lots of other topics. I write both in US and UK English. Here are links to some of my published works:
http://mirealtripod.blogspot.com, http://steadyreal.blogspot.com

I am a Nigerian.

Deb Conn said...

I also just found your blog and love it! I'd like to throw my name into the mix to be considered as a writing candidate. My blog address is http://www.thatfigureswomensfitness.com. I have written blog posts and articles, plus freelance work on travel brochures, etc. My favorite topics are organizing/productivity, home/family, and health/fitness, but I'm open to anything!