Paying Freelance Market: iWriter

Recently I received an email from a reader asking if iWriter was a good place to earn money writing articles. Personally, I had no idea how to respond, so I joined up and took a closer look at what iWriter has to offer. I thought I'd post my findings right here to help you all out.

No Approval Criteria to Become a Writer

Firstly, in order to become a writer with  iWriter , you simply create an account. There is no approval criteria to go through. This means you could be absolutely anywhere in the world and your account will be opened. Go ahead and accept a job. Write the article. Wait for it to be approved (or not). Easy.

When You Begin...

When you first join  iWriter , you start off as a 3-star rated writer, like everyone else. This means you are only eligible to take the 'standard' jobs until you receive some ratings from clients.

After you've earned more than 30 ratings and you have been rated with 4-stars or higher for a large percentage of them, you'll be able to accept the higher paying "premium" jobs. These are highlighted in yellow/green.

Writers with multiple five-star ratings will be eligible to accept even-higher paying "elite" jobs. These are highlighted in blue.

Pay Rate:

The pay rate at  iWriter is dependent on the word count of the article, the star-rating of the writer, and the topics/keywords chosen by the client.

For a 500 word article, the pay rate is as follows:

Standard Writer: $2.63 US
Premium Writer: $4.05 US
Elite Writer:  $6.48 US

Acceptance Rate

Before you pick up an article, be sure to check the 'rejection rate' of the buyer. If a buyer has a very high rejection rate, chances are that buyer is expecting a very high quality article, but only paying pennies for it. It also means that buyer may have a tendency to reject your submission, which means you won't get paid for it anyway.

My Verdict

As iWriter will accept international writers from India, Philippines, Malaysia, and pretty much every other non-native English speaking countries without even checking, I felt it only fair to list it here as a 'Paying Freelance Market' . However, the ultra-low pay rate, even for high-quality writers should really see  iWriter moved to the "freelance markets to avoid" for those writers with any other freelance writing options available.

If you're just learning the ropes and want to get your feet wet in the freelance writing world, or if you struggle to find sites that will allow international writers, give  iWriter a shot.

However, once you're past the beginner phase of your freelance writing career, get out and look for writing gigs that pay you more than pennies for your efforts.

Good Luck


Torben said...

Hi Bianca, Thanks for a great blog. I have a question for you, that I hope you will be able to help me with.

I am just starting a multi-author blog, and I am looking for freelance writers. However, this is all new to me, and I really don't know where to look.

In the beginning I am not able to pay per article, BUT, I offer that all writers receive part of the income to the blog, generated from their own content (adsense, affiliate links, etc.), for as long as the blog is alive.

Do you know where I can find freelance writers who are willing to work on these terms? Would you ever contribute to a blog like this?

Hope to hear from you, thanks.


Anonymous said...

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