Unprofessional Freelance Writers and Bullshit Excuses People Use

As most of you know, I'm a full-time freelance writer. I don't pretend to write while I'm playing stupid games on Facebook. I don't accept work only to lie to clients about my reasons for not completing work. I definitely don't take work, ignore it until after the deadline has passed and then pass it off to any other writer who will take it, even though it's overdue because I don't feel like doing it. And I definitely don't borrow money from clients because I was too stupid to pay my own bills first, instead of buying stupid crap like guns or motor bikes or other stupid crap.

You see, when I write, I do it to earn money as an adult business owner. I assess how much I'm earning. I withhold the right amount of tax that needs to be paid and I always adhere to deadlines set by my clients.

Unfortunately, I got to witness one of my very best friends being taken advantage of by a complete amateur, pretending to be a freelance writer.

You see, this particular writer begged my friend to lend her money (more than $400) she hadn't even earned yet in order to pay her mortgage. My friend felt bad, as things had gone a little quiet on the work front, so she lent this amateur, pretend writer the money. She had apparently received some work from another source and so promised faithfully that it would all be paid back within the next week or two. That was seven months ago.

Yet, within 10 minutes of the loaned money clearing, this amateur writer immediately went camping with her creepy looking boyfriend. She bought a new motorcyle and bought a new gun. They bought a new pick up truck. She didn't pay her bills that she cried about being so urgent. These things are verified by screenshots of status updates on facebook over the same amount of time.

Then there's the big "story" about that writer buying her dream wedding dress from a store in Australia, but she had no way of paying off the amount owed as the exchange costs for sending US dollars to Australia were higher than she could afford. My friend offered to make those payments in Aussie dollars out of money owed after work was completed. Each week, the pretend writer would do a little bit of work and then ask my friend to make a payment in Aussie dollars to go towards paying off her dress (still without bothering to repay the first loan).

After a little while, the amateur writer decided she couldn't afford to keep paying off the dress, so she emailed the store and cancelled her order, asking for the money she's already paid to be returned.

But this isn't the same story she told my friend. No, she came out with an OUTRAGEOUS set of lies, crying and bleating about how the store was ripping her off and cancelling her contract for no reason. She moaned about having to lose her dream dress after all that's happened and they were being so mean to her for no reason. So my friend called the store, willing to try and help out. The store contract clearly stated payments were non-refundable. They also explained that the loser writer had tried to cancel her own order - not the other way around.

The store owner was professional, friendly and very helpful, actually. She said she'd tried hard to help this pathetic, lying writer who came up with a lame story about how she had lost her first wedding dress when the America store she was paying it off from "burned down". (yet, another lie!) So the Aussie store gave her a nice discount and tried to help her out from the US exchange costs with Australian dollars instead. And that's how their kindness was repaid by a pathetic lying sack of wastefulness.

Then there's the great story about really needing extra money and begging my friend to give her extra work. The work was given - time and again - only to find that the work sat there, untouched until deadline had passed and the amateur writer then tried to pass it over to any other writer on the team who would take it. At the same time as this, multiple status updates on Facebook appear about going camping or motorbike riding or shopping or hanging out on Pinterest or just being a general loser.

In the meantime, this same selfish, childish writer has decided to spend lots of money on other stupid bullshit - again bragged about on Facebook status updates at every opportunity. Now, I don't really care what she spends her own money on. But she's the one who moaned about needing extra work, got it, ignored it, didn't do it, and then complained about being broke, only to beg for more money later. That's just childish and seriously irresponsible.

Her response to my query to her on Facebook? She deleted me as a friend, blocked me and abused my kind-hearted friend as a result. I actually don't care about people who waste their lives sitting on Facebook all day, so that doesn't bother me one bit. But, can we say "grow up little girl"??

I seriously hope this young idiot grows up at some point in the future to realize the effect she's had on adult writer's lives - those who have tried to help her to their own detriment. One day, karma will bite - and she won't like it much.

Be warned. I'll help karma find you. Inconsiderate little girl.


Anonymous said...

Holly Crap! Why am I not surprised?! Because I was asked for money too, but said no, and I heard all about and SAW pictures of the Australian dream wedding dress. And then I was suddenly blocked from her FB and it was as if she never existed. I cant see anything she posts and she can't see anything I post! And now I'm glad for me to be done with her, but sad for your awesome friend that was nothing but nice. :(

Bianca Raven said...

I need a 'Like' button on my forum for your comment, Janis :)

Glad to be Rid of Her said...

You know I got the same childish treatment from this spoilt little brat. We got very friendly online for some time and I really thought we were good friends. Then she begged me for money and I said no. Wow, what a tantrum that followed. The little brat seemed to think it was all my fault that I wouldn't help her. She never stood up and took responsibility for being an idiot in the first place. And she did the same childish stunt of blocking me on Facebook too, as if that type of kid's website counts in real life.