Get Paid to Write Music Reviews on SliceThePie!

Well, here's a site that really made me sit up and pay attention. Apparently it's possible to get paid to write reviews and critique new songs from music artists. You actually get to give your opinion about what you think of new music being released.

The site is called Slice The Pie and all writers/reviewers are called Scouts here.

All you need to get started is a Facebook account and a Paypal account - and you're set to earn money.

You don' t need any special skills to get started here. The site just wants your opinion on what you think of song tracks you listen to. Just say what you think about the song and move onto the next. It's really easy.

It takes a few minutes to create a new account, simply because you're asked about your interests and music genre preferences. This is so Slice The Pie  can match your tastes to the type of music they offer you.Choose the type of music you actually enjoy, as this will make it much more fun for you when you're only listening to tracks you're likely to enjoy.

When you get through the 8 question process, you're ready to become a scout. You'll be taken immediately to your first track.

Basically, your task is to listen to at least 90 seconds of a new song. You can rate that song on a scale of 0 to 10. You also need to write a review about your opinion of the song you just heard.

Earning More Money on Slice the Pie

Remember, the better your review is for the song you heard on Slice The Pie, the more you're likely to get paid for it. Be constructive in the feedback you offer and if you really feel the need to leave criticism, be respectful about it.

The musicians who created those tracks value your opinion and your feedback, so try to be fair to the work and effort they put into making that song.

The length of your review isn't important - what matters here is the quality. If you can write constructive reviews that contain descriptive words relating to what you felt about each song, it's really easy to reach payout very quickly.

You can cheat here by remembering to use lots of adjectives to describe what you're saying. The automated system seems to think that describing a song with lots of adjectives means paying you more money! It works.

Building Your Member Rank

Slice The Pie have a Ranking system for their writers. Whenever you submit a review you gain experience and member ranking. As you increase both of these factors, the amount you can earn also increases.

You start off with a ranking of about 40%. As you do more reviews, your ranking increases and so does your pay.

Does Slice the Pie Pay Writers?

Yes. Slice The Pie will pay you directly into your PayPal account every Tuesday and Friday. You can request a payout the moment your account reaches $10 US.

How Much Do Slice the Pie Pay for Reviews

The amount you're paid for reviews on Slice The Pie varies widely. You can earn up to $0.20 cents per review, but they're very quick and easy, so you should reach payout relatively fast. The site seems to prefer reviews that contain descriptive words and be sure you use proper English when you're writing.

What's the Verdict for Slice the Pie?

This site seems to be legitimate. I've only reviewed a couple of songs so far to see how the process works and it seems very easy. The pay is quite low, but if you're bored at the end of a work day and want a bit of extra cash, it's a fun way to earn money.

With that in mind, I've also seen a couple of complaints from writers saying they didn't get paid - but some of those also admit to not sticking to the rules. ALWAYS take the time to check that you're following the rules before you start reviewing. If you stick to the rules, you should get paid for writing reviews every time with no problem.

If you've joined with Slice The Pie and been paid, or if you've had problems with the site, I'd love to hear your comments and feedback about your own experiences


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