Paid Forum Posting and Paid Blog Commenting on Postloop

Today I received an email from one of my readers about a site called Postloop. Apparently, this site pays writers to post in forums and leave comments on blogs.

So I thought I'd check it out and see what I could learn.

Firstly, they do accept international writers. Payments are made via Paypal for amounts over $5 USD and they'll send your payment out within 24 hours of you asking to be paid.

How Do You Join?

The site is here: Postloop

It takes about a minute to create a new account that you have to activate by clicking a link in an email they send you. Once you're done, take another minute to set up your profile. You're asked to select up to 7 interests if you want to. When you're done, save your profile.

Now, here's the part that the site doesn't make very clear. Just because you've joined up doesn't automatically mean you're going to get paid. You need to pass an approval process first.

Here's the approval process, copied directly from the FAQ page from the Postloop site:

Below is how the application process works. You must follow every step in the exact order listed:

- Join The Postloop Portal

- Subscribe to The Postloop Portal here: http://www.postloop.com/subscriptions/subscribe/369 
(this is different from joining!!!)

- Make 10 posts at The Postloop Portal

- Wait up to 24 hours for approval. Postloop staff will review your posts made, and if they are of acceptable quality, your account will be approved to start subscribing to any of the sites at Postloop. You will be notified immediately via email and inside of your Postloop account once your posts have been reviewed.

If you post and then subscribe, your posts will not count. Only posts that you make after you subscribe will count. 

Before you start complaining about making 10 posts and being ripped off by working for nothing, take a moment to think about it. The site owners need to ensure that their paid writers are willing to follow the rules. That's why they put rules here.

If you CAN follow the rules and your forum posts or blog comments are considered good quality, you're all set to start earning money. Head over to the Postloop Portal and start posting!

If you CAN'T follow the rules, your posts won't be accepted and your Postloop account will be closed.

How Much Does Postloop Pay?

The FAQ section on the Postloop website says they pay writers an average of $0.07 cents per post, depending on a range of factors. Those factors include your writer Rating and whether you're eligible to earn bonus points or not to boost your income. If you can't manage to earn any bonus points, you're paid around $0.05 cents per post.

What's the Rating System About?

Apparently, every time you submit a post it will be Rated. Your own Postloop dashboard will show what your Rating is.

If you have a Rating that is higher than 4, you become eligible to earn bonus points, which can be a great way to increase how much you earn from this site. You're able to convert those bonus points to cash and redeem them through Paypal. Your points are worth $0.05 cents per point and you need a minimum of 100 points to withdraw them.

When Do You Get Paid?

If your account balance is higher than $5, you can request Postloop to pay the amount you're owed into your Paypal account.

So there you have it. If you're looking for a way to earn a few extra bucks in your spare time, go ahead and join up with Postloop. If you've already joined up and earning money with them, please leave a comment and let others know what you think!


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