Paid to Advertise - Again!

Looking to monetize your blog?

Moneyforbanners is another great place offering to pay blog-owners to put a simple banner on your site somewhere. It doesn't have to be prominent or at the top. You can put it at the bottom somewhere - they don't mind.

As long as their ad is on the page you'll keep getting paid.

Moneyforbanners pay £5 per month directly into your PayPal account just for putting a small ad on your blog somewhere. £5 doesn't sound like much, but it's $8.60 a month in US dollars. For doing nothing! Easy money.

If you put that together with my other post about paid advertising you'll find your blog earning some handy cash in a hurry!

Give Moneyforbanners a go and get your blog earning today.

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shubham said...

thanks for the site-its good for anyone who have just started a blog.i am loving your blog now.
i have bookmarked your blog.you have find you a constant reader of your blog.