How to FAIL as a Freelance Writer

Yes, it's very possible to earn a very healthy income from writing. But it seems if I tell everyone how to do it, they ignore the advice and go their own way anyway.

So I'll list a few ways that will STOP you earning an income as a writer. If you do the following things, you might earn a few cents. You won't get rich. You won't make a full-time income.

But you'll be writing a lot.

Here's the top ways to guarantee failure as a writer

- Join a revenue-share article site.
Guaranteed to keep your writing career stalled and in obscurity for a long time while you earn 3 cents per week.

- Refuse to learn more about the profession
After all, it's a JOB. It's not a fancy, artistic, noble calling. It's a job. You WORK and you get paid.

- Buy into the "Easy Way" systems
That's right. Anyone selling the "Easy Way" to do anything is getting rich off you buying their stuff. They're not teaching you anything about being a writer or increasing your income or running a writing business.

- Only write about topics you love
Hmmm.... the reason work is called WORK and not "fun" or "play" is because you have to WORK. Not all writing is fun. Not all of it is easy. Sometimes the research can get tiring and the article might begin to bore you. Sometimes a short story doesn't work out the way you wanted and sometimes publishers reject submissions. This is called a "Writing Business". It's normal.

Just do it. Write, submit it to a PAYING publisher and get paid. It's called WORK.

- Only write when inspiration strikes
So what happens to your income if inspiration only strikes twice a year? Writing is a business. Those who work on building that business will earn six-figure incomes. It's not that hard. Those who don't work and don't actively keep learning, keep writing, keep submitting and keep expanding different types of income won't make any income. Easy math.

- Make Excuses
"I'm too busy". "I don't know how to submit articles". "What if they reject me?"
Yep - all lame excuses and all designed to keep you in the pits of failure. Also a great sign that the person doesn't want to learn anything about a profession or take any time in building a successful business. Stop making excuses. Search the net. Learn from those who are already doing it. Or you could just give it a go. You might surprise yourself.

- Refuse to visit professional writing sites
There are plenty of great sites around willing and able to help you make a real income from writing. So why do you keep visiting the ones that only pay a couple of cents here or a measly two dollars there? Stop it. Go visit the pro's and see how it's really done.

Try http://www.absolutewrite.com/ or http://www.writing-world.com/ or http://www.freelancefactor.com/
and LEARN about the profession you're trying to get into.

- Refuse to diversify your income streams
I hear so many writers complain that they can't sell enough articles to make a living. I can't understand this complaint. There's always plenty of work to be had! You're either not looking hard enough or you're not working enough.

You cold always charge more, I guess, but why sell only articles? Why not branch out and give your muse something else to work on?

Increasing Writing Income

Yes, writing articles forms a very big part of my income. But it's not all I do. I'd go crazy if that's all I did all day. BORING! So I branch out into other forms of writing. It's good for me to think about other projects and it brings in extra cash - which boosts my overall profit!

Here's some things you might branch out into other than just articles:

Write fiction.
There are some fabulous sites and ezines out there offering help and advice (at no charge!). And of course there are some complete duds, only wanting to sell you their overpriced stuff or rave on about themselves. Only subscribe to ezines that are teaching you about writing fiction. Here's a few of the best ones I've found.

http://www.fictionfactor.com/ or
http://www.writer2writer.com/ or

They'll teach you how to earn an income from writing fiction stories and selling them to real paying publishers.

Write a blog.
There are places out there that will pay you to blog. You might as well earn some extra dollars while you're writing anyway. I've already posted about this, so click the link to check it out.

Write for forums.
Yes you really can get paid to make short posts in forums. I like this option as a reserve for several reasons. 1) I get paid and 2) I get my link out to the world in lots of forums that brings more visitors to my site. They're basically paying me to advertise my own site!

This one isn't big money - but it sure adds up when you consider the visitors I get into my site at no cost while I'm being paid ;)

So... next time you think up another lame excuse why you can't make an income from your writing, ask yourself if you're really doing everything you can to make that income happen - or whether you're setting yourself up to FAIL!

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