Writing - Work From Home

I am a member of several writing-community forums and mailing lists and I've noticed a trend among a large percentage of writers on the net lately.

That trend is - nobody wants to WORK. They only want to find the magic button that will give them millions of dollars instantly along with fame and glamor. They only want to write what they feel like writing and when they want to do it.


Writing is a brilliant way to earn a living and if you're any good at it you'll find the income is great too - but it takes time and effort and WORK and persistence and patience. This means sometimes you'll be writing stuff that isn't thrilling and fun. It's a job. You write and you get paid - whether you enjoy it or not. That's how the professionals do it.

You're building a writing business here. You need to figure out how you can support your little business by feeding it with regular amounts of cash that come in after you've done another assignment. Then you need to figure out where the next assignment is coming from.

So... before you jump onto yet another writer's forum and complain that you can't make money out of such a lucrative industry - perhaps take a closer look at your own attitudes before you slam the industry as a whole.

After all - if I can earn a very healthy income doing all this, then anyone can

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