Benefits of Working From Home

Today I didn't write anything. I did no work on my business. I basically took the day off.

Now before you think I went goofing off instead of running my business like a professional, I should also point out that I was up all night with a sick daughter. She's asthmatic and she really wasn't well last night.

I finally got some sleep this morning when my mom showed up to take my daughter for her regular Friday morning at grandma's. Usually I'd be writing fiction on a Friday. I'm getting up the courage to write an entire novel rather than short stories. Not today.

Today I slept until 11am.

Unfortunately, while I was catching up on the much needed sleep, my beloved dog was becoming very ill in the back yard. By the time I woke up I had enough time to throw on the closest items of clothing I could find, get my poor baby in the car and to the vet. He's in for emergency surgery for the day. I'll be able to pick him up when the anaesthetic wears off a little and he wakes up a bit.


Now I'm sitting here in the living room on a Friday afternoon - no love-of-my-life daughter, no beloved dog and no writing. Oh - I also have no milk.

It's times like these I'm so grateful I don't work in an office. I needed a day off so I took one!


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