Expanding My Horizons

When I first began writing articles seriously, my logic was that I wanted to be able to work from home and generate enough income to support my real love - writing a novel.

6 years later I get to write every day. I have quite a few regular freelancing clients who keep my bills paid. I write short stories whenever I can to keep the creative side of me active. These sell okay but they're not a big part of my writing business. I have a few other regular writing 'gig's I keep up with each week as well.

Even though I get to do what I really want to do every single day (write!), I'm not really doing the one thing I always wanted most of all. I still want to write that novel I've always wanted to write.

So I've decided to overhaul my existing work-week schedule and include time to work on a novel idea I've been playing with for a while now.

Wish me luck!



Ed said...

Good Luck.

Bianca Raven said...

Thank you Ed. I appreciate it. Here's hoping I don't spend months writing for no end result. I'll keep the blog updated with my progress.

HHKING said...

Thats good! Your very good at motivating people in your articles so I just wanna wish you good luck!

Gina said...

Good luck, Bianca. You'll do well. I've just started freelance writing, and I ultimately want to write screenplays. I know what you mean about needing to be creative. Definitely take the time to do so.