Quick Cash Writing

Today I saw an advertisement for an ebook claiming to be full of ways for any writer to earn quick, easy cash instantly.

I thought "Oh yeah?" and ignored it. But something in me kept niggling at the back of my mind so by the end of the day I went back to that site and took a closer look.

Then I did something I hate doing - I bought the ebook. It's called Quick Cash Writing and it's by Nick Daws.

At first I was disappointed in myself for giving in to a slick sales page. Then I downloaded the book and started reading. I forgot all about being disappointed immediately. This book is GREAT!

Now, I'm usually happy to write anything for anyone as long as I get paid and get to stay at home longer. This means I've found lots of writing opportunities and markets that most writers ignore.

But Quick Cash Writing showed me HEAPS more ways to profit from my writing! I have to get started at once. I just bought one simple ebook and I got an instant pay-rise! The ideas are so simple and quick that anyone can do them. I'm really surprised I haven't noticed some of these before.

Anyway, if you're looking for a way to get your writing income UP, then I highly recommend Quick Cash Writing . You'll be glad you got it - and your writing income will benefit too!


Anonymous said...

This book is expensive for an ebook and they also add on an additional cost for software? Is it really THAT good? For that much $$ I think I want a hardcover book I can hold in my hands. With this one I'll also have to pay to have it printed out. Most ebooks are under $20. Do you get a commission? Not that I care, just curious.

Bianca Raven said...

I guess I didn't notice the price - it's a tax deduction for me as a self-employed freelance writer.

I didn't buy the software. I created my own version of it using an excel spreadsheet. Easy.

I did think the contents of this book were worth the effort though. I found quite a lot of new ideas to make more money from my writing that I never would have though of, so I guess I'll earn back that cost with just one assignment.

Hearts On Fire said...

Any chance you would like to help a newbie out by emailig the ebook or giving some fine ideas.? I can give you my email if you are up for any of that. I would highly appreciate it so much as I would love to learn more but I dont have the money to do so..lol