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For the past year I've had a specific writing schedule. I write certain things on some days and do other tasks to keep my home business growing on other days.

(you can see my original freelance working-week schedule here: http://ravens-writing.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-often-get-asked-whats-normal-work.html)

But lately I've picked up more clients than I expected and they're all wanting more, more, MORE.

In an online environment where it's becoming more common for writers to drop their prices and try to under-cut other writers to win work, I did something completely different.

I raised my prices this week - and got more work as a result. What a bizarre twist of logic!

I was a little mystified by this outcome but I won't complain. You see, I emailed my current clients and gave them copies of my new rates schedule. The new clients didn't know my old rates so they didn't blink an eye when they received their copies.

Two existing clients responded immediately with bigger orders than they've ever sent before. Another two emailed back at once and congratulated me for being pro-active about my income in a depressed market place - and then ordered new work to be done.

The last one complained that I'm now getting a bit too expensive for his business budget. But he ordered more work from me anyway, grumbling the whole way.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple others. If my prices are outside their budgetary requirements, then they'll either find new writers or they'll end up paying my prices because they already know what kind of work I'm able to deliver.

So because I now have more work than I expected I have been forced to rethink my original work-week schedule so I'll have time to get them all done! If this keeps up I might have to start turning work away (ha! not likely....;)

I'll post my new work-week schedule on a new post or this one will just get way too long!

Get Writing!

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Ed said...

You have to admit, that's a pretty good problem to have. :)