Freelance Job Sites and Online Writing Jobs

I don't like freelance bidding sites. I think it's degrading to professional writers to have to undercut each other's prices to be the person who 'wins' and gets to write for the lowest amount of money. It's humiliating to watch seriously talented writers give away their words for $1.

There are much better places to search for work than these slave-labor round up sites.

Take a look at some of the higher paying freelance writing jobs available. So many writers convince themselves that they can't submit work to these places that it's sad. Yet many of them are so talented magazines would happily pay them several hundred dollars per article.

Stop playing with the low-paying sites and browse at some real high paying writing jobs.

Here are a few of my favorite Freelance Job Sites for finding online writing jobs to keep you busy for a while:

Online Writing Jobs
- This is a big site offering searchable databases of online writing jobs, online blogging jobs, freelance writing jobs and much more. I tend to take a look here if I haven't got much lined up for the next month.

WorldWide Freelance Markets
- Excellent searchable database filled with freelance writing opportunities. This is one of my favorite places to search for publications that might suit my style and niche topics.

Freelance Writing Jobs
- This privately run blog is just amazing. The owner posts links of jobs for freelance writers every day. Bookmark this blog. I've found some great freelance writing gigs from this one.

Freelance Writing.com
- This site offers writing submission guidelines to several niche magazines. If you'd rather see your freelance writing efforts published in a magazine instead of on the internet, take a look at some of these. The pay rates are just fabulous ;)

Absolute Write
- Find the forum and join in with this enormous writer's community. Filled with great markets, hints and plenty of writers to help you find your way.

Now you have some links to great freelance writing markets and online writing jobs sites, you have no excuses.

Get Writing!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bianca,

Great list, it would be helpful if you told us how much each of these posting sites pay per post.


Bianca Raven said...

Um.... the list above this is for freelance job listings. The sites themselves don't pay anything. They list leads for freelancers wanting to find more work.

I think you meant to comment on the post after this one...

And I couldn't list how much they each pay. That information isn't always available.

2ThePoint said...

You know this list is gonna come in preeety handy for me, especially now I've done gone and changed my work status and all :-)

So, thank you...

Schmidt Daniel said...

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Lindsey Rainwater said...

Woohoo! Thank you SO much Raven! This list of freelancing sites has been educational at the very least. I'm feeling more encouraged every day to pursue my decision to get back to college ASAP for an English degree. (Now I just need to make some money so I can afford to.) BUT, on that note, I think I may have convinced someone who is writing a book to allow me to contibute my story. It's not my usual style or subject, but it's something.
And I owe finding it to this blog.
Thanks again.

Parsibagan said...

Hi Bianca, I am a freelance writer, but words fail me in my attempt to praise this site. Keep up the excellent work!

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