Freelance Jobs to Avoid - DataEntryJobs.us

LOL :)

I just had a great laugh. It wasn't just a bit of a giggle. It was an actual long, guffawing belly-laugh.

And I didn't even visit a joke site. I'm still grinning while I type this - that's how amused I am!

I'll let you in on the joke so you can laugh a bit too.

I receive quite a few emails from people asking me about different freelance job offers they've seen on the 'net and when I get time I go and check them out. Some I close in disgust, some I investigate further and some.... well, some just make me laugh so hard it brings tears to my eyes.

Someone emailed me a "job listing" for a site by the name of DataEntryJobs.us, which I visited to check out further.

I started smiling on the very first page, but it wasn't until I reached the "Content Writer Jobs" page that I began laughing in earnest.

Here's a snippet of the joke... um... I mean sales spiel...

Content Writing Jobs - is one of the best content writing job on internet. People who really wants to spend there time in putting the best contents on internet here is the right place. All you've to do here is arrange the different contents from different companies database to their online server. This Job is no time consuming, No work Load, Nothing...

I'm giggling again. Seriously, this is a content creation website, offering their services to webmasters all over the world and this tripe is the standard of quality on their own site? Please. Spare me.

If you're not giggling as much as I am yet then maybe this choice little piece of quality writing will get your funny-bone active:

We designed, this Content Writing Jobs in such a manner, that you won't feel any type of work load, burden or not even you've to worry about the accuracy. Daily we get atleast 500+ content writing Job from world wide.

Now that's funny. Are you seeing the humorous side of this post at all yet?

This 'company' is advertising for new content writers with the promise of plenty of work. I'm guessing the testing for new writers won't be so difficult - especially when the webmaster can barely write legible English anyway! LOL.

Content Writer is the best Jobs we think. Its very interesting, and many cases we found that our candidates like you who did great content writer jobs are hired by different companies and now working for them as a part time and full time and making massive income. This content writer job, is very good and career oriented.

No, I didn't giggle at that last snippet. I couldn't giggle because I have no idea what it means. After all, it's not written in any type of English I've ever seen before!

You know what? I feel like I'm a presenter at a freak show. I'm giggling at the tragedy we're witnessing but at the same time I'm horrified and appalled. It's a bit like watching a train wreck happening in slow-motion.

Watch carefully....

Q) Is there any type of Accuracy going to be counted, or what If I see any spelling mistakes in the contents?
A) There is no accuracy here, as you gonna use the contents from their database, so even if there is mistake in it, you don't have to worry.
However, if you want you can make spelling corrections. But its all very rare things, 99% there won't be any mistakes,

LOL!! Stop laughing. This is serious. ;)

Of course I'm saving the best parts for last. The bit that really made me laugh out loud is on the FAQ page. If you intend on working as a freelance writer at all, then you'll have seen enough freelance job sites to know what's okay and what's laughably stupid.

DataEntryJobs.us definitely falls in the latter category.

You might think of it as the punchline in all this silliness - but it's worth it...

Registration Fees [Non Refundable]
Professional Content Writers (Pro Writers) - $ 55 or Rs.2000/-
Featured Content Writers - $ 95 or Rs.3500/-

Oh my, now I'm laughing uncontrollably again. They actually want writers to PAY them before getting any work? HA HA!!

Final word - DataEntryJobs.us is definitely a great candidate for the "Jobs to Avoid" bin.

Enough said



Lee Masterson said...

Bianca, this post is hilarious! I went and took a look at the site in question and it's funnier than you said.

Thanks for the giggle. :)

Catana said...

I just found your blog via your link on the ForumBoosters forum (which I'm checking out as a possible income source)and didn't expect to be amused so early in the day. "There is no accuracy here..." Truer words were never spoken. Obviously, the guy is from India, which means that I might have cut him a little slack, but if you're going to run a business, hire a front man who can use the languge. And the fees? That should be the only warning signal needed.

Ed said...

That was pretty funny! And what's funnier is the word verification is "Borat"! LOL!

Bianca Raven said...

LOL It still amuses me.

Seriously - I can't believe how quickly my "Writing Jobs to Avoid" section is filling up.

I wonder which company is going to threaten me first ;)

2ThePoint said...

The sad thing is they probably don't know how bad their grammar is.

Mawe said...

Hi Bianca! I'm a freelance writer from the Philippines. I found your blog thru WhyDoWork.com and I must say it's one of the most informative blogs that I can relate to.

Just loved the posts about undercutting the rates for writers, too. I've been to all kinds of job sites like oDesk, etc. and I've seen these happen all the time.

I'll be a regular from now on. Cheers!