BrightHub - Paying Freelance Market

Bright Hub is seeking new article writers.


Here's an exerpt from their site:

"We need writers offering their guidance to help people understand how technology impacts their work, their play, their lives. We are looking for highly qualified experts with substantial domain knowledge in any subject matter under one of 30+ technology channels.

There is a level of quality we expect from you if you choose to work with us. We require completely original content and diligently ensure this is the case for all content employed on our site. Complete honesty, candor, and objectivity are rewarded here at Bright Hub.

If you’d like to write articles that are approximately 300-750 words in length using our online tool that guides you through the article creation process and get paid to do so while continuing to build your online reputation then let’s talk! Our Managing Editor team will be there to help you in terms of deciding what is important for readers to understand.

We will compensate writers $10 for an article in addition to future revenue sharing based on it's popularity.


Anonymous said...

Brighthub is no more lucrative because it has has launched new Topic Management System and stopped providing new writing opportunities. With this policy every existing writer may not get more than 5 articles allocation per month which is hardly $ 50 per month. They have also fixed an upper ceiling for every channel for example ....100 articles in particular channel and if there are 20 writers for that channel..each one will get an opportunity to write only 5 articles per month.

HS Schulte said...

You are right you would be limited to 5 a month in that channel. However, you can write for several channels at once.