How About $1,000 a DAY Writing From Home?

LOL! I just know everyone reading the blog title on this one will be already rolling their eyes saying "No way Bianca. That can't be done. You just can't earn $1,000 a day working at home online."


But it can be done. It's easier than you think and I'm going to prove it.

You see, I needed to write about escaping the $2 an article ranks to get you interested in looking for higher paying work. I needed to blog about figuring out how much you need in income each week. Usually that process makes people realize their current writing actions aren't going to cut it when it comes to earning a real income.

By now you're probably frustrated and annoyed that you can't find ways to earn that $28.58 per hour consistently for 35 hours of every week. Am I right?


I said I was going to prove it's quite simple to earn $1,000 a DAY working from home and I will.

Here we go...

Visit this page: http://horror.fictionfactor.com/promarkets.html
Scroll down until you see a listing for Heliotrope Magazine. They pay 10 cents per WORD for mystery, horror, fantasy or science-fiction stories. A nice little short story of around 3,000 words will bring in $300.

Don't like to write horror or science-fiction? Fine. I'll hunt down a Christian writing market for you then. Wait there...

Okay. Found one.

Angels on Earth magazine (http://www.angelsmagazine.com) will pay you $400 for a true story about God's messengers at work in today's world. They prefer your stories to be shorter than 1,500 words please.

It's still not $1,000 a day, is it? Okay. Let's try this instead.

PlayBoy will pay you $5,000 for a 5,000 word short story - and no they don't want sexy stories. Playboy published mystery, suspense, humor, science fiction and sports stories. They don't want email submissions - just good old fashioned snail-mail please.
Send to: Playboy Magazine, Att: Fiction Department
680 North Lake Shore Drive,
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Not into those writing markets? Okay. I'll dig up something else. Stay there. I'll be right back....

Take a Break (UK) will happily pay for stories up to 1,000 words and will pay £300 for their 'Coffee Break Fiction' stories. Stories should be sharp, succinct with good plots and a 'twist in the tail'.

Shall I go on? Or are you getting the point yet that freelance writing is a seriously lucrative business? Well, it can be as long as you STAY AWAY from the revenue-share and slave-labor paying article writing stuff.

These markets were found using the databases I told you about in an earlier post. I just know you've forgotten that link already, so here it is again.

High Paying Writing Markets

Happy writing :)


Sukant Ghosh said...

Hi Bianca ,Happy New Year from California :) Well nice blog i must say....obviously,you'r a writer :)Great ideas put forth. I checked the horror-fiction website. What I saw is that loads of links are'nt working now .Most websites are closed and the Heliotrope wordpress website does'nt even exist now. Still I got your point and searching for better places to write.Do keep updating your blog for new sources,at least the sources currently paying you .Okay,catch you later. Take care :)

Bianca Raven said...

Thanks for letting me know about the links. I've emailed the webmaster over at Horror Factor and told her that Heliotrope have moved to here:

I'm glad you got the overall point that there are plenty of decent paying markets around if you keep searching.

Survey Seeker said...

You are an inspiration to us all Bianca. Although I think revenue sharing sites like E-how and Associated Content do serve their purpose if you know how to use them.

However for those who have the talent your sources are amazing.

Roxan said...

Nice blog! Saw your post on mylot and thought I'd visit.
I will certainly check out the sites. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for composing a readable, honest blog. I've browsed through a couple of times now and you consistently post really useful information - so much so I clicked on a couple of the ads on your page in the hopes it would get you some money!
Keep writing, and thanks again.

Bianca Raven said...

Hello Anonymous. I really appreciate your support. This blog only earns a few dollars here and there, so I appreciate the extra.

I didn't begin the blog to make money though - I make plenty by writing. I began it to try and help writers everywhere.

So I really hope I've been able to help at least a little in your quest to build a freelance career.

If I haven't - then leave me comments and tell me what I've missed. I create the best blog posts this way...