Delegate2 - Paying Freelance Market

During my never-ending quest to find more UK income sources (the exchange rate from pounds to Aussie dollars is just SO good right now...), I found a pretty cool writing market I haven't seen before. Unfortunately I believe they're paying in US dollars via PayPal - but money is still money.

Delegate2 is an upfront paying article site. The pay isn't huge - but it's not bad at all for the short word counts they're asking for. Pay rate begins at $3 per 250 word article and goes up from there depending on your assignment and word counts. At the speed at which I type, I can squeeze out 6 of these little short pieces in an hour (hmmm.... that's $27.69 per hour in Aussie dollars). At the end of a hard day after dealing with your other higher writing markets, perhaps dedicating an hour on these little shorties will help top up your income? It all adds up.

Delegate2 is based in the UK, so if you're an international writer (like me), they won't insist you have to be an American in order to join. You simply fill out the application form on the site and they'll email you a VERY large writer's welcome pack.

The reason behind the VERY large writer's welcome pack is partly their way of making sure you're able to follow instructions, but also to show you precisely how they expect their writers to work, when they expect you to send in your invoice for payment etc.

While it's not great money, it's not bad for such quick easy work.



Sid said...

I guess I got my answer through this post... Thanks for sharing and helping others. I am glad I found this blog !

2ThePoint said...

Hi Raven!

Thanks for this, m'lady :-)

I already know about this company and applied a good couple of months back. Got the pack and all, but never heard much else from them, I'm afraid.

Things are starting to look up for me. This week has been much better than the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for all those supportive comments you leave me. Really appreciate it.

take care...

Laura said...

I have applied for the pack over a week ago but still havent received it unfortunately.

parsibagan said...

It's the same over here. I too had applied some time back, yet no response from their side. Anyway, keep up the good work Angel :)

@2ThePoint: Did they send the pack as an email attachment or via standard mail?

Anonymous said...

I just signed up with them and have already gotten the writers pack. It all took less than a week.

@laura and Parsibagan. I don't know what you did wrong. But hold on a bit. if you have not received any reply by now, then reapply and ensure that your cover letter is impressive with links to other articles you might have written that are available on the web.

BQ said...

Hi Bianca,

I asked for the pack from Delegate2 and was sent one. The pack consists of several items, one of which is the Standard Terms of Purchase (as of Nov 08).

There is a clause there that kind of bothers me, though. I would like to ask for your opinion on this one. The clause under Indemnity states:

8.2 During the term of the Contract and for a period of six years thereafter, the Supplier shall maintain in force with a reputable insurance company professional indemnity insurance in an amount not less than that set out in the Specification (or if no such amount is set out, £1million) (the “Insurance Limit”) and shall, on the Customer’s request, produce both the insurance certificate giving details of cover and the receipt for the current year’s premium.

8.3 Subject to condition 11.2, the total liability of the Supplier under this clause 8 shall not exceed an amount equal to the Insurance Limit.

8.4 The provisions of this condition 8 shall survive termination of the Contract, however arising.

1 million euros insurance from a freelance writer? Did I get that right?

Justine said...

Hi Raven!

Thank you for the positive feedback on Delegate 2, now Purecontent.

I work at Purecontent, so I wanted to answer some of the issues you guys are having.

If you haven't heard from us in a while, or you aren't being sent as much work as you'd like, please email me at jobs@purecontent and I'll get back to you personally with more projects for you to start.

Similarly, if you applied and didn't hear anything, please get in contact and I will reply asap.

BQ - the professional indemnity insurance is for companies who are outsourcing projects to a team of writers.

This part of the terms and conditions is NOT applicable to individual freelance writers who apply to join us, so please don't worry! We do not expect individual freelance writers to have 1 million euros insurance.

We are always looking for reliable writers, so please email me at jobs@purecontent.com if you are looking for regular, interesting freelance work.

Hope this helps!