DailyArticle - Paying Freelance Market

DailyArticle are seeking writers to submit articles on any topic you like to their database. Clients choose articles they like or that will suit their sites and pay the price set by the writer.

Yes - that's right. You get to set your own price for your work. Be aware before you submit anything that you're selling full rights. This is a ghost-writing gig, so that means you don't get a byline or a link-back. The customer is buying full rights to your work.

Of course the management of DailyArticle check every submission for uniqueness and plagiarism. Payment is very quick via PayPal, ranging between 1 and 4 days. Each time a customer buys one of your articles, payment is processed. This can mean plenty of extra cashflow if you write well on popular topics.

To begin submitting your articles to DailyArticle, simply create an account and submit your work.

Good luck.

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parsibagan said...

Thanks once again Angel. I have submitted an article regarding `Safeguarding your PC when browsing online' (basically on anti-spyware). Que sara sara!