PLR Article Market - Paying Freelance Market

I don't know if you remember me telling you about my friend who made $650 in one day from PLR Articles? She owns her own PLR articles site and advertises the article packages she has available to webmasters.

(you can see that post here:http://ravens-writing.blogspot.com/2008/12/profiting-from-plr-articles.html)

I don't have time to set up, write articles for and promote a brand new site, so I went hunting for a ready-made PLR site willing to accept article packages from writers everywhere. Of course I found one!

These guys advertise your PLR articles for you on their site. You set your own prices and then Niche-Content-Packages pay 60% of any sales received.

Now a 40% cut of your work is kind of high - but it's sure easier than starting a brand new site with no visitors from scratch.

Good luck.


Sonia said...

Raven, that link doesn't work! :(

Heather said...

Seconded- and you have to login to their support site to submit a ticket to contact them.
Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Same here..404 HTM error..will be waiting for more info from you! Great work!

MJ O'Dwyer said...

The site is apparently up for auction, pending a new owner. Minimum bid is $40,000. No takers yet , unfortunately.