Other Ways to Earn Income from Writing

Everyone's on the "write articles" band-wagon right now - but is it really the best way to earn a decent income from your writing time and effort? I don't think it is.

Especially not if you're wasting time on ridiculous "revenue-share" sites that pay pittance and make you work like a slave for a few cents. Why bother?

There are so many options available to a writer willing to be creative and diversify just a bit that your income really should be reaching the full-time levels within only weeks. Mine sure did and I've never regretted it.

Yet I see so many newer writers struggling all the time, trying to make ends meet by selling off articles for a couple of measly dollars. Why bother? There are so many more lucrative options available that it seems insane to bother for anything less than quick easy cash instead.

Take a look at some of the income-producing writing options I personally use to make my writing income each and every day.

-- I write short fiction stories

This is where I make up the characters and the events and I tell whatever story I feel like telling. There are hundreds of magazines, ezines, periodicals and anthology markets just begging for more short fiction and the pay ranges from $10 per story up to several thousand dollars per story.
Not only is it fun and creative, it's good money for doing something enjoyable

-- I write ebooks

I haven't written a post on this one yet, but it's the most lucrative part of my income. It's even higher than my articles income. What's even better is that once you've done the work once, you can potentially keep getting paid for it over and over while the ebook is still for sale!

-- I get paid to blog

When I'm tired and just want to vent or just to clear my head, I'll jump onto my blog. It's my place and I just write what I want - so I went and found ways of making sure I get paid to blog . Time is money - and time spent on my blog contributes to my overall writing income

-- I get paid to post on forums

I'm a member of so many writing communities and other social communities that I thought it silly the amount of time I'd take away from writing just to be social. To a freelancer, this means time away from getting paid.

So I found a way to do both! I can be social AND get to visit forums and make new friends at the same time while being paid.

And of course, I still write articles on anything and everything, because they are still a vital source of income to a freelance writer.

Just don't think that writing articles should be your only source of freelance income. Branch out, try something different and watch your freelance income grow!


BT said...

Hi Bianca

Some interesting information. I've gone for the blogging side of things, getting paid for what I do already: priceless. I cant seem to get paid for reading and reviewing your posts though now that I've joined already as a blogger: annoying.

I found you through Fiction Factor so I thought you might be interested to know your post there has at least worked in one instance.

I'm looking forward to generating that extra income. Thanks for the tip.

Bianca Raven said...

Thanks for the comment BT. I hope it works well for you. I know I enjoy being paid for things I do anyway - so why not earn the extra while you're doing it!

I'm also a big fan of Fiction Factor, so I'll see you on the forum