Paid Forum Posting Jobs

Looking for a list of paid forum posting jobs? You've come to the right place.

Paid forum posting is not the ideal writing job for every writer. In fact I can think of plenty of reasons why you might want to avoid this kind of writing job completely. The pay is low and you probably wouldn't give up your day job to do paid forum posting.

But if you've got time to spare or if you just love the community feel of forums, then why not get paid for what you're already doing? Some forums allow you to add a signature box, so you could even be promoting your own blog while you're getting paid...

For those who want to add a few extra dollars to their writing income each week with very little brain-power or effort required, paid forum posting can be a great way to bump up your income.

In an earlier post I wrote about the benefits of creating more than one type of writing income to build your freelance business and increase your total writing income.
You can see that post here: Create Multiple Freelance Incomes

If you're one of those people who doesn't have more than one writing income source, then perhaps paid forum posting might fill a few minutes of your week for a few extra dollars.

There are two types of paid forum posting.

The first is the professional, organized forum posting jobs where you are told what to post and on which forum. When the job is complete, that forum is replaced with another that requires boosting. You're being paid to help out those forum owners. This first option is just like a job. You're expected to complete the tasks given to you. You should get paid between 15 and 20 cents per post for your efforts.

The second type of paid forum posting is where you just post whatever you want. Two word answers are fine. Non-English speaking is fine. Do what you like at any time with no restrictions. Obviously because this second type of paid forum posting is unregulated, the pay is quite low (generally 1 - 5 cents per post) but you have no rules to follow. If you prefer to just chat and post at random, then try here: http://ravens-writing.blogspot.com/2009/01/freelance-writers-who-dont-want-to-be.html

If you'd rather work with a more regulated option with higher pay, then here's a list of some paid forum posting companies you might want to try.

Best Forum Posting - http://www.bestforumposting.com/
Forum boosting, editing and article creation services. Very well organized company. Pays on time every time.

Content Current - http://www.contentcurrent.com/
Also known as ForumBooster. Content Current still has loads of bugs in their software systems, problems with accepting/approving work completed and is notorious about being VERY late with payments.

Forum Advantage - http://www.forumadvantage.com/
This site is owned and operated by Hostedhere LLC (see Paid Forum Posting)

ForumBooster.NET - http://www.forumbooster.net/
Also known as Content Current. Forum Booster still has loads of bugs in their software systems, problems with accepting/approving work completed and is notorious for being VERY late with payments.

ForumsFirst - http://forumsfirst.com/
Forum posting and blog commenting services. Quick, efficient and professional. Always pays on time!

Inb0x - http://www.inb0x.com/
Forum posting services - payout is via PayPal once your account reaches $15

KickStart Your Forums - http://www.kickstartyourforums.com/main/
Forum posting and article creation. Has been acquired by Paid Forum Posting.

PaidForumPosting - http://www.paidforumposting.com/
Excellent, highly-organized site for forum posting and occasional article creation jobs - owned and operated by HostedHere LLC. Payout is always prompt immediately after job completion. Apply to become a writer here: http://www.forumadvantage.com/writerapplication.htm

Paid Posting Forums
Owned and operated by HostedHereLLC - see PaidForumPosting

Paid Posting Tools - http://www.paidpostingtools.com/
Forum posting and blog posting services. Big site with very helpful admin and fellow members. Pays well and on time.

Posting Direct - http://www.postingdirect.com/
Decent paid forum posting site - pay out is via PayPal once your account reaches $20

Web Vigor - http://www.webvigor.com/
Very quiet at times but nice community. Pays on time.

Wired Flame - http://www.wiredflame.com/
Forum posting. This site can be a little quiet at times, but their system is easy and they'll pay out every Friday by PayPal with no minimum required.

Someone asked me to list a pay rate per post for each of these sites as well. Gee! It's not enough that I provided the links and information?

Okay. Let's just say most of the sites above pay between 15 and 20 cents per post. The only ones I can think of that pay below that rate are the two non-paying companies I've said to avoid completely anyway. They 'pay' 10 cents per post - when they pay their writers at all.

So if you're interested in paid forum posting, give some of the companies on this list a try and boost your income a little.

If you're not into the idea of paid forum posting, then ignore this post!


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Bubble said...

Thanks Bianca for providing the list, very useful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the valuable information. But my LOYALTY is still in Forumbooster/Contentcurrent. Many are disappointed about payments issues except me. Thou payments sometimes delayed, but they really PAID well for your effort. Peace!

Bianca Raven said...

Hi Anonymous. It's a pity you don't have the courage to state your loyalty by using a NAME!

Forum Booster pay HALF the amount per post compared to every other company on that listing - so they don't PAY well at all.

They also only pay their writers when they feel like it - generally less than once a month and only if we complain long and loud first. They ignore questions from their staff. They aren't interested in anything we have to say. And they don't pay their writers. Where's the reason for your loyalty?

Every other company on this list is professional and respectful of the writers who generate their profits for them. Pay is on time every time.

So - my name is BIANCA RAVEN. I'm not hiding behind an anonymous name tag and I REFUSE to recommend a company that treats its writers so poorly.

Elliott Easterling said...

Hey folks I am the CEO of the company that runs Forum Booster. I am a bit surprised by the negative posting. Fist I would like to say that we are the largest posting company so we process thousands of transactions and writer payments per week. The vast vast vast majority of folks are paid on time.

Second I would like to explain what has been the major source of delay. Earlier this fall we go hit with a real bad case of fraud. Posters were claiming post that they did not make. It was a total mess and clients were complaining in droves. So we had to freeze all payments till we went through hundreds of accounts and forums and check what was going on. Untangling that was a fairly monumental task. It was a spaghetti ball of thousands of posts.

The third thing to note is that as of September we hired a full time help desk person to work with our writers. She is there to help you resolve any problem and is ver organized. Usually we can resolve an issue in a few days. It does take time due to the volume of transactions we are doing. From our helpdesk records i see that Bianca has been interacting with her in a very cordial way, so the post above was a bit of a surprise to us.

Fourthly as of this month I have an outside firm handling accounting and payments. So I am paying for someone to handle all of our payments for us on a timely basis.

Finally we just spent about $100K revamping our technology from the ground up. That comes with the launch of www.ContentCurrent.com. With our new system we have much tighter control over fraud and also much better accounting in place.

Bianca Raven said...

Thanks for stopping by Elliot. I appreciate that you took the time to explain this to us.

What wasn't explained is why your content writers haven't been paid since November 12th. You indicated that the fraud was to do with the forum posters - not the content creators. Today is December 9th and my account still hasn't been credited.

As a full time writer, it's up to me to follow up on all my clients with payments due. If I do the work that makes your company a profit then I expect to be compensated for my efforts. This means Forum Booster/Content Current.

Yes, I've been corresponding with Hermie for quite some time to get this rectified - but nothing has been done about it. There are still articles sitting on both companies' sites waiting to be approved. The oldest has been sitting there untouched since I submitted it on October 8th, despite countless requests to get these looked at.

So I understand that you have other issues going on behind the scenes - but we have businesses to run and non-payment makes running my own business more frustrating than it needs to be!

Bianca Raven said...

What an amazing coincidence! My account was credited with the money owed to me just two hours after I posted a reponse to the CEO's comment.

I guess I'll edit the original blog post now...


Joanne said...

Unfortunately the issues with forum booster not paying on time have been going on for more than eighteen months. So have the problems with them refusing to respond to writer's questions, and client's too.

So you can't blame on the recent fraud, or on the recent upgrades. If you really were the biggest and the best, then none of this would be an issue.

David Wykofka said...

I call shenanigans on the whole $100k software upgrade. If you did spend that much money you need to learn to shop around a bit.

If you spent $100k on an online order processing system I have a bridge that I would like to sell ya.

Is forumbooster even a registered company? I can't find anything confirming that fact.

We get new writers all the time that have the same story that Bianca has written about here. I don't know how many times I have heard someone tell us that they can't believe how fast we paid after their experiences with forumbooster.

Elliott I challenge you to start providing a better service to your customers and a better working relationship with your writers. Stop dragging this industry down.

David Wykofka
CEO - Hostedhere LLC - PaidForumPosting.com The #1 Forum Content Service on the web.

ForumsFirst said...

Hi Bianca

Thank you for you comments regarding ForumsFirst. We think in imperative to make sure that our staff requests, questions or payments are dealt with in a quick and comprhensive fashion.

I know how much I hate waiting on a reply or a payment

Best Regards
Paul & Stuart

Bianca Raven said...

Why, Thank you David from PaidForumPosting and Paul & Stuart from ForumsFirst for your comments.

I agree that clients should come first. They're the ones paying for services to be conducted after all. So they must come first.

But the writers come second - as they're the ones doing the work that's making these forum posting companies their revenue and profits, so it's always nice to know there are some professional companies around that do the right things by both their clients AND their writers.

Thank you again. :)

Love2write said...

I would love to know how to apply to be a writer at PaidForumPosting.com.

Patricia said...

Thanks for the info, Bianca! I plan to look into these sites ASAP. I just got laid off :(.

Bianca Raven said...

I spoke with the 'boss' at Paid Forum Posting and she's agreed to allow me to post this link.

If you want to join Paid Forum Posting, then visit this link.

Paid Forum Posting Writer Application

And tell Di I said 'Hi'

Alex said...

And again they are Forum Boosters is late with paying their writers. Promises are made and broken time after time.

Mr Elliott Easterling, when are you finally going to run a clean ship? I hate begging for money. None of the writers is getting paid every week. Its Christmas and we are still waiting for our hard earned money.

mangalesh said...


Luke Rumfelt said...

I can speak with some authority concerning the past posting industry having been a paid poster for about 8 months now. The two companies that have paid me the most are Paid Form Posting ( PFP ) and Formumbooster. Forumbooster has had payment issues in the past, but each time I mentioned it in email I was paid within a day or two. I feel that Forumbooster grew so quickly in the past year and became a target for fraud groups that they had to result to checking each and every post before releasing payment and this slowed down their payment schedule. I can't blame them for this issue because no company can survive if they are being defrauded on a regular basis. PFP is the absolute best company I have ever worked for and the mods there are awesome.

One thing I found that works well to supplement income from paid posting is doing surveys and I have created a blog to help people learn how to do this the most profitable way possible.

Any of you are welcome to come check it out. Especially you Bianca, your one of the writers that inspired me to create my own blog just recently. My blog is new and its still a little short on the content but like every other dedicated blogger I am adding content every day when I have time and soon it will be a very valuable resource for survey takers of the western world. I do not plan to cover it with advertising which I find so offensive, rather I'll make my money helping others make money through survey taking.

If your serious about paid posting though you can make $800 to $1000 a month doing it because I have done so in the psst.

felics said...

I work for ForumBooster more than 2 years ago for about 3 months and my experience with them was a pleasant one. Payment was not a major issue then. I may sound corny but I miss my colleagues there. Once in a while, I dropped by the site to see what's going on and it seems the group of writers kept on changing.

Well, after I leave FB I decided to branch out in other endeavors and became a successful freelancer. After earning 7 positive feedbacks, I was accepted in my application for a company that deals with consumer electronic products which I am connected until now.

I can say I've come a long way since my ForumBooster days and I credited them as one of two entities that lead me to where I am now.

Sid said...

Sorry to say, but I think the list has been made for professionals.. I looked into every site and found all unsuitable for me. I sent in couple of applications and even completed 7 posts in proving grounds in paidforumposting but what now ?

You should try to put up sites where we register and then start posting immediately and earn.. Why do I have to prove myself that I am worthy or not ? If you some sites as I need and pays more than 5 cents per post, then I would be happy that I stumbled into your site and found it useful!

Please do help me get a site like that!

felics said...

Sid, maybe you should try DigitalPoint. I was once a regular there.

Good luck.

Sonia said...

Hi Raven, are you sure that Posting Direct pays? It strongly resembles Ghost Town!!

Anonymous said...

I worked for kick Start Your Forums early this year.
After doing about 400 posts, the research, keeping track of the work, following up on the KYF web site, sending PM's to the owners that don't get answered and working with people who just post anything so you have nothing to follow up. They didn't pay me.
I am hiding behind anon because I haven't been paid yet

Bianca Raven said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous. I'll see if I can get one of the owners of Kickstart Your Forums to respond to this thread.

We've had the owners of Paid Forum Posting and Content Current/ForumBooster respond to our comments, so let's hope they'll respond too.

Hearts On Fire said...

Just wondering which site would you recommend as a newbie and getting to know things better at getting paid to write in fourms?

Clara said...

Seriously, how are the owners of Kickstart supposed to respond to this? Without knowing who it is that posted, it will be kind of difficult to show proof of payment or even if this person really worked for them.

I have personally worked for Kickstart for well over a year and have been paid each month faithfully. And I do a lot more than 400 posts per month there so I don't believe that this is all of the story.

Di said...

Bianca thanks for all of the help on this but I did want to mention something myself.

Paid Forum Posting has the proving area setup so that we can make sure when a new person comes along, that this will be something that will work for both you the writer and the company.

Luke, thanks for the kind words. :)

Marsha said...


I'm Marsha, from kickstartyourforums.com and I would like to respond to the person who claims to have not been paid by us. I have personally paid everyone who has done the work and submitted a payment request. I have also answered all correspondence (PM's and Email) from posters who couldn't figure out how our payment process works. I believe I know who wrote the comment, I believe it was a poster that I was forced to let go after they took on a lot of jobs and just left them sitting there, undone. If you are who I think you are, you have yet to request payment. This is not the way a grown up behaves. I can assure everyone that kickstartyourforums is indeed a legitimate company. Business is a little slow at the moment, therefore applications are closed. But as business picks up, we will add new staff again. We pay once a month, during the first week of the month, and it's not uncommon for our best posters to earn $200 or more a month. Our highest monthly payment to one person has been $540 during an especially busy period last year.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bianca,

It's me myca alias shinningstar. I've visited the link that you've given. I want to say thanks to you. I never expected that there are many useful sites listed on your blog. Honestly, I'm very much disappointed of FB since Paul left the board. I have not received my payments until now. I kept on sending email to the finance department but still nothing happened. FB owed me almost $400 and CC $10. I was an active poster since 2007. I have invited lots of friends to jump in here and became an active poster like me. Do you think I deserves this kind of treatment? The last payment I received was year 2007. Can you imagine? I've read all your posts and I understand how it feels to be treated like this from the management. I already emailed the CEO but no response at all. I'm tired of asking about my payments. I'm doing my part as a writer. Hoping the the admin will do the same thing.

Michi Beck said...

I was getting paid by Content Current with no problem for several weeks. Now they owe me well over $100, haven't paid me in three weeks, and won't answer my emails -- but they have no problem sending me emails telling me I need to post on the forums I've signed up for. If you PAID me, I wouldn't have to stop posting. It's ok, though, I emailed the admins on the forums to let them know why I wasn't posting. I hated to do that, but I couldn't get an answer from Content Current. Maybe their clients can get them to pay their writers, because the writers sure can't.

Michi Beck said...

Just an update, in case anyone reads this. They STILL haven't paid me, but I've gotten a lot of B.S. excuses. I'm not going away, so they might as well just pay up.

Anonymous said...

ForumBooster was the first site I went with. At first, I was paid every week. Then it was every other week, and then it just became very sporatic. Things got very messed up when they did their transition. I still was owed for the old site. When payments stopped, I stopped posting. I did finally get something in early March, but they still owe me just under $20. I can't afford to post when I won't get paid.

I've stopped posting there as a result. I love the different forums, but until they pay me, I won't post. Once they do, I'll post some more, but I'm only going to do small amounts, and then I'll stop until they pay me. It's just too sporatic and, like I said, I never got paid for the old site which they told us to stop using and I hadn't reached the minimum 100 posts to get a payout.

I had some communication from one of the workers telling me it would be soon, but nothing ever came of it.

So -- they pay, but it's without regularity. According to my stats, they've owed me the same amount for months. The only part of this I'm not sure about is I think they went to a job completion thing, where the overall job needs to be completed before payment. It takes forever for a job to complete because no one seems to be posting.


And I'm going ANON because I haven't been paid and still desperately need to be. I'll be happy to come back and say 'I've been paid' when they get their act together.

Bianca Raven said...

Well if you've read all the comments left here so far, you'll soon begin to realize that three very professional responses have been left by the owners of:

Paid Forum Posting
Forums First
Kick Start Your Forums

And lots and lots of complaints have been left about Content Current / Forum Booster, including a lame cop-out excuse from their CEO.

So if you're still interested in forum posting, then perhaps turn your attention to the more professional companies...


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, that's true. I've already experienced the very nice and professional sites you mentioned; well, two out of three anyway. The third wasn't taking newcomers for a long time and when they finally did, I felt there was a lot of antagonism in the request. There must have been some problems with posters, and I just didn't want to get involved with that, especially with all the extra she was wanting in order to sign up. I'll keep an eye on it for the future and maybe things will calm down there.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Great blog Bianca!

I love your blog because of valuable information and it's a perfect place for me to express myself. I'm tremendously disappointed of Contentcurrent. I had a very bad experience in Forumbooster. It took me a year to receive my payment. I thought Contentcurrent is different. Both are just the same. They are not paying their writers on time. I have not received any payment since 2009. I know Mr. Elliot, the CEO is aware of this issue. I sent so many tickets to follow my last payment until now nothing happened. No explanations at all.
I will never stop sending tickets and posting comments until I receive my payment. I spent time and effort in doing my assignments. I deserve to get paid.

That's all!

Alla Goltsman said...

Bianka, I am writing to thank you for the information. I see positive and negative messages here. Nobody wants anything negative in their lives. Nevertheless I welcome negative information. At least I know what to expect. In the online world it's not always the case, as we all know. Thanks again, Bianka.

GetPaidToBeaReferral said...

Are you sure ForumsFirst is still legit? They seem to have a real lack of writers. It's like I'm talking to myself on the forum jobs!

J. Martin said...

I have worked for Paid Forum Posting for several months, after having worked for KYF until the owner decided to sell. I can say that the folks at PFP have been nothing but professional. I can request payment today and, chances are, I'll get paid tonight. There's plenty of posting jobs to choose from, and any help you might need is just a post away. They don't hire everyone, just the best, because that's why they ARE the best. I would never consider working for another forum posting service.

Anonymous said...

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Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful list. I have applied for several of the opportunities listed here today. You may want to consider updating the list however as a few of the companies no longer exist or have been acquired by others on the list. KickStart Your Forums for instance, has been acquired by HostedHereLLC.

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Anonymous said...

After reading some of the complaints from people who didn't do well or didn't get hired, I can see *why*. Spelling and grammar are VERY important in this kind of job!

Jamyla Taylor said...

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