Associated Content Don't Pay Non-US Writers

I am really offended today. A lot of my writer friends write for Associated Content. They receive a small upfront payment for articles and the rest is accumulated from revenue-share. Unless you're not in the US. Then you get no up-front payment and ridiculously low share of revenue.

Isn't this just a form of discrimination against Non-US freelance writers?

Apparently the content site, Associated Content, will accept articles from any writer anywhere in the world - but for tax reasons they won't pay the upfront payments to anyone who lives outside the US. Non-US writers are only eligible for the miniscule "pay-per-view" amounts (I think it's something stupidly pathetic like $1.50 per 1,000 page views).

Now, if they're not going to pay for work submitted by non-US writers, then why on earth are they encouraging submissions from international writers in the first place?

More to the point - when is another freelance writing company going to give Non-US freelance writers a fair break at earning an income from our writing efforts?

If you're NOT from the US, then perhaps you might like to look elsewhere than Associated Content to create your writing income?

That is - until they start paying us the same way they pay them.

Now I have my rant out of the way about non-US writers - I'll begin my tirade on Associated Content in earnest.

I'll put it as plainly as I can for you: If you join AC you'll never be a full time freelance writer.

Simple enough?

They might promise you a tiny upfront payment and a miniscule share of the revenue they might maybe perhaps raise from your article - but is that enough? After all, you're the person who sat down and wrote the article. You worked and typed and checked and uploaded.

And you're given a few measly cents for your hard work.

So what do Associated Content get in return for paying you a pathetic couple of cents? They get increased page views, higher page ranking in the search engines, more content to use for keyword optimization - and WAY more revenue than they bother to pay you.

Hmmm.... sounds like a one-sided relationship to me. You have better options, writer!

This post definitely goes in the Writing Jobs to Avoid bin.

Enough said.


1 comment:

Zainab Zayer said...

clam down for a minut =p ,,

since the company sat some terms and conditions which u've accpet before u start the job , then u've should be aware of such a thing ,,
plus , aint those companies aimin to gain as much as u want ,, then as point ,, FOR TAXES PUPOSE ,, they aint givin it away ,,

>> u r bein paid anyway =p