Boost Your Foreign Writing Income

In an earlier post, I pointed out that I like to keep my income flowing in several different currencies. One of the places I frequent to keep my UK pounds income up is the PeazyShop.

Here's a quick run down of how they work:

Basically, PeazyShop will pay 10p for each useful forum post you make in their specified topics. The topics change fairly frequently, so there's plenty of variety to write about.

On top of basic forum-posting, they'll also pay 40p per shopping review and 20p for posting about any bargains you might have found online.

They don't sound like large amounts of money, but remember you're being paid in GBP (UK pounds sterling), so once the money hits your PayPal account, the exchange rate will show you a much nicer sum of money than you thought you were getting.

Here's an example:

Let's say you wrote 25 posts @ 10p per post = ₤2.50
Then you submitted three shopping reviews @ 40p each = ₤1.20
And you post about four great bargain sites you found = ₤0.80

You've got a total of ₤4.50 - but if you convert it to US dollars, it's $8.93

Of course, I could also change it to Australian dollars (because that's where I am) and my little ₤4.50 becomes $9.88

(well, that's what the rates are today - they will change from day to day depending on the exchange rate)

Not bad extra cash for 30 minutes of quick, easy work each day before getting into work on a longer, more involved article or three!

If you'd like to earn a bit of extra money and boost your foreign currency income a bit, give PeazyShop a go. They're a lot of fun!


Bea Gabrielle said...

Hi, Bianca! What a great blog...lots of informative stuff for new and aspiring writers. I'm interested in applying as a paid poster for PeazyShop. So, how do I go about it? Do I just register and start posting at the indicated forum(s)? Thanks in advance!

Bianca Raven said...

Hi Bea,

Yes! Just register and then start posting for the topics they nominate each month. They change from time to time - and remember you only get paid for new threads YOU create. The total is accumulated automatically on your account.

You also get paid for posting reviews for online shopping experiences!

Hope this helps!

Bea Gabrielle said...

Oh, thanks! They only pay for new threads? So, if you post comments and/or other remarks to threads started by others, you don't get any credit?

Bianca Raven said...

that seems to be the way my client balance is accruing - by new threads only and posting reviews, not by replying to other posts.

Go into the referral button at the top. It gives you the pages for the reviews section that pays higher than regular threads.

I hope this helps

Jo said...

Every little bit counts and adds up. Thanks for sharing that info.

bithal said...

Dear Raven,
Thanks for posting such informative ideas about earning online. I am new to this market and am finding Forum Posting may help me to earn some buck. I want alittle information from U are U still earning from Peazyshop. If so will you be pleased to intimate the method how U are earning their. The detail structure please to understand it clearly. Hope a sweet replay.