Income from Writing Articles

The biggest source of online income for me is writing and submitting articles.

I have made sales all over the world and had work translated into 4 languages over the past eight years. I've even won awards for my work. The most exciting part about writing is that you get to say anything you want to say- and get paid to say it!

The research part of writing is actually quite fun, once you get used to it. There are many, many websites that list writer's markets for free. These market listings are actual calls for submissions from publishers wanting to pay you for your articles and stories.

Before I got to the point of having editors contact me directly for work, I registered at a couple of freelance work sites. Some were pointless. Others were great. GoFreelance was one of the better ones that made sure I had plenty of work all the time.

This is what truly got my online writing income up and running so that I could quit my job and focus on writing more!

GoFreelance was the first place I signed up with. They taught me the benefits of working to a deadline and researching my topic content properly before submitting. They also taught me the value of spell-checking my work before submitting it to anyone so that my articles looks more professional.

If you're looking at launching a freelance writing career and writing articles from home, give GoFreelance a go!

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AngieLittle said...

I just wanted to ask you about gofreelance. They charge $7 for a one week trial, it seems. Then probably a lot more.
Is it worth it? I ask because I have a very tight budget and would like to make sure it's money well spent.
I also want to thank you very much for your blog because it has shown me that I can actually get more than $1 for an article. I would be ecstatic right now if I could get $5, and $10 would already send me to seventh heaven. Such are the trials of begginners. Thank you so much for being such a caring and kind-hearted person.