Freelance Writers Who Don't Want To Be Freelance Writers

I did promise that I would respond to every comment and that I would offer to help every writer who asked me directly. So here's my suggestion for this particular reader.

I received a comment on a previous post where I listed some paid forum posting sites. The commenter said the following:

Sorry to say, but I think the list has been made for professionals.. I looked into every site and found all unsuitable for me. I sent in couple of applications and even completed 7 posts in proving grounds in paidforumposting but what now ? You should try to put up sites where we register and then start posting immediately and earn.. Why do I have to prove myself that I am worthy or not ?

Hmmm... Why do you have to prove if you're worthy or not in order to get paid by a professional company, I wonder?

I suppose if I listed some sites that are willing to pay you good money for doing nothing at all, you'd be happier with that option?

Okay. You got it.

Yes, they do exist.

Join up with Bubblews. You can write anything you want, as long as your post is at least 400 characters long (that's about 100 words). You get paid per page view, and paid per 'Like' you receive, and paid per comment your post receives, plus you get paid per social media share your post receives. You can be an international writer. You can write about your day, or about your hair style, or about your dog, or about picking your nose. You'll earn money if people read your stuff. Make connections and go comment on other people's postsYou don't have to prove yourself and you can ask for payment through Paypal as soon as your account reaches $25.

You can also sign up with MyLot. You'll find the point of this site is supposed to be networking and socializing. If this kind of thing sounds like something you'd prefer instead of actually working as a professional freelance writer, then go right ahead and join MyLot. (yes I have a profile there - no I don't earn money there. You'll find me there actively trying to help writers ...).

If you like music, sign up with Slice The Pie. They ask you to listen to new music released by artists all over the world and give your opinion. After about 90 seconds, the rating scale opens up. Give the song a score between 1 and 10 and write your opinion of what you thought about the song. You get paid. Too easy.

You could also try Xomba. Write short blurbs or bookmarks or whatever you want really. While this site doesn't pay you for page views, it will pay you 50% of any Adsense revenue you generate by posting on their pages. They offer lots of tips and tricks to increase your page views, so give Xomba a try if you're looking for a way to earn a bit extra.

So if you don't want to take freelance writing seriously as a professional vocation and you just want to earn a bit of extra cash, go and hang out on these sites. Have fun. Chat. Your work won't be edited and you won't be asked to 'prove that you're worthy'.

I hope this helps.


CS McClellan/Catana said...

Fascinating! I don't consider myself a professional writer, nor do I want to become a professional freelancer, but when I do write for pay I'm being paid for the value of my skills. I was recently accepted at a pay-to-post site that requires 15 pre-qualifing posts on their forum. The owners demand excellent writing and the ability to follow directions and complete work according to a schedule. None of this requires professional status. Your commenter probably wouldn't qualify.

Anonymous said...

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Carolyn Cordon said...

I can see where you're coming from Bianca. There are millions of people out there in the world wide web for whom $1.00 a day is good-ish money. I'm Australian, with a teenage son who loves to mock me over the pitiful payments I get from Triond.
I enjoy doing it, but I would enjoy getting paid good money for my writing even more. I have logs, which a huge fun and good writing practice, but real money would be so nice. I might actually have to get myself a proper job instead of playing around on the computer. Shock! Horror!
Fortunately my husband earns good money, but even so, earning good money myself would be good for the family budget.

Andrew said...

Bianca, postparker is not accessible. It looks like the domain has expired. Any information on this.

Anonymous said...

i checked the link to peazy shop but i'm still baffled about where i should post and there is nothing about payments on that site. so how can i be sure that i will be getting paid?