ePIFfunnies - Paying Freelance Market


If you've had a funny epiphany, then post it to ePIFfunnies and get paid $15 for your effort.


Here's what their website says about what you should submit:

  • It must be based on an actual experience.

  • It must be funny, clever or insightful.

  • It should not be in the form of a “this is the way it is” or “this is the way it should be” lecture. Rather, it must help the reader to gain an “epiphany” or represent an “epiphany” on the part of the writer.

  • It must meet the “So what?” test. In other words, it must be significant.

  • It must not be offensive.

  • It must be original.

As long as your story is funny and true you could earn a few extra dollars toward building your freelance business income.


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