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Seeking article writers across various topics. WiseGeek offers free and clear answers to common questions. You are able to suggest new topics.

Writers choose articles from a pool of available titles, which are updated frequently. There's always plenty of work!

Writer's openings are infrequent, so get your application in soon or they'll close this window of opportunity.

Scroll down the FAQ page until you see the section regarding freelance writers.

Pays $10 per article.


Anonymous said...

I do write for them and agree it's low, but it's steady work and you can write as little or as much as you want. I can write an article in 30 minutes, though sometimes it takes 45. If it took me more than that, I wouldn't bother, but they pay fast and again, it's steady work.

Michael said...

Thanks Raven , I congratulate you on your blog , good information without a sales pitch is quite rare.

I have added your RSS feed for future posts and have also made my initial application to Wisegeek. I will keep you updated on my progress as this is my first step towards a full-time freelance career.Perhaps I should blog my progress or lack of?

Anonymous said...

I read your article on wisegeek and related articles. They're nothing but fluff and generalizations, and you have no concrete tips for the aspiring freelancer. If you meant to write an empty blog based on SEO, good job. Otherwise, you pretty much suck.

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