Freelance Writing and Repetition

While I love my private freelance clients and the business they send me, sometimes I get a little jaded by the amount of repetition there is in their requests.

In the last two days alone I've written 14 different credit card debt relief articles. I've managed to find 14 different ways to pay off credit cards and reduce debt and I've written about them all.

If people are really struggling under that much debt, are they going to read through 14 different ways to pay them off? I'm beginning to doubt it.

Of course I could just be having one of those days where I've seen so much negativity about people's debt levels and credit crisis issues that I need a day off.

Seriously - if I have to write one more credit card article this month I'll scream...


But those articles pay my bills. Those articles are how I manage to stay out of debt.

So my clients will keep ordering them and I'll keep writing them - but only until a new topic-of-the-month rolls around and every freelance writer goes crazy writing that topic.

What secretly bothers me most about today is that I had orders to write 15 of these credit card articles...

I still have one more to go!


2ThePoint said...

Believe me, I SO get that. I have one of those gigs and it does my frikkin head in.

Catana said...

This post keeps rattling around in my mind. I honestly don't understand how people can continue to deal with such repetition. I couldn't do it. But I'm also interested in how you manage to come up with so many variations on one theme. Are they really very different, or just the same ideas expressed different ways? Maybe a post on how you do it might be useful. How much research is involved? How do you differentiate the articles? How do you keep from going completely bonkers (:-))?

Bianca Raven said...

LOL! Who said I wasn't already completely bonkers? LOL!

Seriously debt reduction is one of my forte subjects. There are so many ways to pay off debt properly without building up more debt that instead of putting all the hints into one article I broke down each hint into an article of its own.

It's not really so difficult and usually you don't get quite so many on the same topic. I was just having one of those days :)

Ed said...

I just finished 12 articles on plumbing, 4 more to go. :) Good post.

Laurie Meade said...


I know you are tired of writing them, but since you mentioned the subject, LOL,

Write one more and submit it to my new article directory on recession relief, or advise your clients too. I would greatly appreciate it.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading through all of your posts here.

After reading one of your other posts, I just went and published my first rant.

Thanks for the info.