Freelance Writing and Eye Glasses


Well I knew it would happen to me sooner or later. I spend so much time at my computer reading from the monitor that I now have to have eyeglasses whenever I read.

I went to my local store and I was horrified at the prices they were charging. The girl told me those prices were quite normal. I didn't think so. I mean we're having an economic crisis out here in Australia too, so I wanted to find eyeglasses that weren't going to eat into my budget.

So I went home and did what I do best - I jumped on the net and found a place in America called Optical4Less that will ship me new eyeglasses straight to my door at less than 1/4 the price! I'm ecstatic!

I need complete prescription eyeglasses and they were happy to fill my order exactly as I need it.

I took a look through their huge online catalogue and found a perfect pair of eyeglasses with trendy frames. The price was so low I also bought a pair of tinted sunglasses as well for when I'm driving. They will ship my eyeglasses out to me free even though I'm on the other side of the world - but their site says they'll ship free worldwide.

Anyway, if you're a freelance writer who needs to stare at your screen all day every day and you're looking for quality eyeglasses at a really low price, try Optical4Less.com.

You'll love how cheap the prices are and you won't have to suffer with eye strain ever again!



Valerie Lumanog-Caulin said...


I'm so glad, I found your blog...very informative..

Catana said...

I looked into these discounters, but decided against it. My prescription is so complex, with a prism and trifocals, that the lab had to go to a new supplier for glass that could take it. I doubt that the discounters can deal with anything more than normal prescriptions. I envy anybody who can take advantage of the lower prices. My new glasses, including the exam and new frames, cost over $600.00.

2ThePoint said...

I started wearing glasses a while ago. It took getting on the wrong bus to kick me into touch and sort my eyes out!

Glasses in the UK don't come cheap unless you're a student, pensioner, etc. However, they tend to do season sales so they get considerably cheaper then.

take care :-)

Anonymous said...

I wear glasses and I still have eyestrain if I stay on the computer too long. They reduce eyestrain but they do not eliminate it.